Colorful landscapes of Armenia.


Armenia is one of the few countries in the world that can be proud of the variety of  its  relievo.  Here it’s possible to see everything-mountains, valleys, canyons, thick forests, steppes, rivers, waterfalls, lakes. Because of its geographical location the climate of the county also varies greatly. In the north-eastern part of the country, which is full of woods, it is possible to enjoy moderate climate, a little bit more to the east, the climate changes into subtropical one. In the western and central parts of the country the climate is mostly continental.  Due to this kind of unusual climate conditions and natural beauty, in different parts of the country unique landscapes can be seen-created by the nature itself.


Not far away from the famous temple of Garni, in the canyon of the Azat  river, a very unique scene opens to the viewer-“The Symphony of stones”. The place represents numerous even basaltic pillars, that appeared after an eruption of volcanic lava. The stones are so symmetrical, that when looking at the canyon from afar, the rocks  resemble  a huge organ. That’s why the place sometimes is also called “Basaltic organ”. But it’s better to admire the nice view from a distance, as the stones often fall.


To north-east from Garni another very famous place of interest is located-monasterial complex Geghard, which is registered in the list of  World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Geghard is famous for its architectural unusual design, as a part  of  the complex is carved in the rock. Here many historical relics are kept, the most important of which is the spear, which was pierced in the body of Jesus when he was crucified.


Arch of Charents is an architectural building made of stone and concrete. The arch is located near the village Voghjaberd, to the east from Yerevan. The arch is noteworthy because it is so well inscribed into the landscape, that when you go up the arch, Mount Ararat (Masis) is slowly “rising” in front of you and on the very top it fully appears “inside” the arch. On the wall of the arch the words of great Armenian poet Eghishe Charents are engraved: “Roam round the world, you’ll not find a peak white as Ararat”.


In the eastern part of Syunik region, southern part of Armenia, historical town of  Khndzoresk is situated, which is called “cave town”.  The town is located on a height of 1580 m and is surrounded by wonderful woods and numerous caves. There are many things to admire here, but the most important sight is the hanging bridge with 100 m length and 60 m height. But great courage is required to walk on this bridge, as it’s not only high up the canyon of the river, but also is swinging while walking on it.


50 km to the north-east from the Yerevan the most famous skiing resort of Armenia-Tsaghkadzor is located. But this tiny town has a lot more things to offer not only in winter, but also throughout the whole year. The most important sights of the town are skiing tracks-on the slopes of Mount Teghenis, and monasterial complex Kecharis-founded in the 11th century. There are plenty of  rest  houses, cottages, sport complexes here, but, anyway, it’s better to reserve a room in advance, as Tsaghkadzor is full of tourists and you may fail to find a vacant room. Various swimming pools, saunas, entertainment places make tourists’ rest brighter and more interesting. In the bars and restaurants it’s possible to taste both Armenian and European dishes. In spite of the tight snow cover, winters are quite mild here and even  sunny. And that’s why Tsaghkadzor has become the favorite place of skiers and snowboarders.


The longest cableway in the world (5.7 km) will take you to the famous monasterial complex Tatev-located above the deep  canyon  of  the river Vorotan. Throughout many centuries Tatev was a very important cultural and educational center. In the 14th century the most prominent university in the South  Caucasus  was founded in this monastery.


Dilidjan is a small resort town in the north-eastern part of Armenia, that is famous for its thick forests and fascinating landscapes. There are many hotels, hostels, restaurants, small eateries-just on the sides of the main highway or lost somewhere in the woods. The  latter  ones are perfect for those who prefer to enjoy the food and nature at the same time. Not far from Dilidjan two of the most famous medieval buildings in Armenia are located-the monastery Haghartsin and monasterial complex Goshavank. But to enjoy Dilidjan beauties properly you should go up the mountains to the lake Parz-the most wondrous place in the region.  This tiny lake is located in the territory of  the  Dilidjan National Park, on the height of 1350 m above the sea level. Wild ducks, calmly swimming on the lake, go perfectly with the natural beauty of the lake-creating an unreally nice landscape.

Besides unique places of  interest, vacation in Armenia has also got an advantage; it’s rather small, so the size of the country allows to see a lot in a short period of time. But if, anyway, you have lack of time, never mind; no matter what place you choose for your rest, there will always be conditions for comfortable and interesting holiday. You can find different  tours to Armenia here