Top 7 human must haves in a horse trailer

A horse trailer is a kind of a trailer which is meant to transport or transfer horses from one place to another. If you are someone who owns or wants to buy a horse trailer with living quarters then you must know the list of must haves for the humans in such a trailer. Since you yourself will be spending a lot of time in its living quarter space, you will need to deck it up with some essentials. The following is a list of the top  human essentials or must haves in a horse trailer:

  1. Private toilet

A trailer with a private toilet is luxury at its best. If you can manage to get a horse trailer with living quarters with this facility, then don’t think twice about it.  Having a small toilet means that you don’t have to go to use the loo anywhere else.

  1. Storage space

Another essential for humans on a horse trailer is some kind of storage space so that you can rack up the essential supplies like food, horse items, backpack, tools and other such items.  The more space the better and hence always look for a trailer with this facility.

  1. Temperature control

Well you will definitely need to look for a trailer in which you can adjust the temperature. It must have both a heating system as well as an air conditioning system so that you can transfer your horses comfortable in any weather conditions.

  1. Some appliances

If a horse trailer is offering you living quarters then what good could it do for you if it doesn’t have some basic living appliances like a stove, a refrigerator, a microwave etc. also check for a small sink with water supply and a cooking area on the trailer for maximum comfort and convenience. After all, if you are going to travel in the trailer, you might not always have the time to stop and buy dinner.

  1. Electricity supply and multiple power sources

Any living space, no matter temporary or permanent needs to have electricity supply in order to turn the lights on, put the phone on charging and for running the appliances. Make sure the trailer that you buy has electricity supply and multiple power sources for using at least 2 appliances simultaneously.

  1. Space to sleep

A living quarter with no space to lie down or make a bed sounds incomplete and this is why another must have for your horse trailer with living quarters is an area for sleeping. Some trailers already have beds provided but most may only offer the space and you will have to arrange for the mattress yourself.

  1. Propane tank

If there is a furnace or stove in the trailer then it is important that there is a propane tank too, and an extra-large one!  This is a bit of a luxury but can make your stay very comfortable and your trailer totally worth its price.