Cheapest Rental Cars in the U.S.

Renting a car for travel is often a necessity to get from the airport to other points along the way while traveling. You can splurge on a car rental and either go big or go fancy, or you can shell out as little as possible on a car that will simply just get you from one place to the next. Car rental companies have great economy options for budget-savvy travelers. You can learn more about any of these makes and models at Here are just a few of the cheapest rental cars available in the U.S.


Alamo’s Economy Class offers a inexpensive rental for Mistubishi Mirage or other similar car for as low as $30 a day after all taxes and fees are added. The Mirage isn’t plush by any means, but does offer comfortable seating for four and room for two suitcases in the cargo area. That price will also buy automatic transmission, air conditioning and unlimited mileage on your rental. You’d pay a lot more if you depended on taxis to get you where you need to go while traveling. ‘


Thrifty offers a Toyota Yaris in its economy class for under $20 per day. The car is pretty tiny in terms of cargo with room only for one full suitcase, but its description at does say it can fit five passengers inside. There won’t be much else on vacation that will cost less than $20 a day, so that’s a pretty sweet deal for a necessary component.


Remember, you can save on car rentals by picking up the vehicle at a location away from the airport. Car rental companies know that they can charge more money for convenience, and being able to walk out of the airport and get directly behind the wheel of your rental is pretty convenience. Also, don’t forget to fill up the gas tank before your return the car for a better price on fuel. The car rental companies always charge more than the going rate if you return the car with a tank that needs filling.

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