Why Europe is Favorite Amongst Backpackers?

As a woman in her 20 something and a core wayfarer at heart, I wish to go backpacking to every nook and corner of the world. But, it is Europe that I wish to visit most ardently. Why is Europe favorite amongst backpackers? From magnificent mountains to tranquil lakes, from mouth-watering food to the best booze, Europe has everything to quench a wanderer’s thirsty soul. If you haven’t yet made your decision to visit this lovely continent, here are a few reasons to get your backpack ready.


Pic by Amol Agnihotri

Europe is a treasure-land of diverse culture. Art, literature, music, architecture, and philosophy are the roots of European culture and boy are they visible everywhere! The many museums, art galleries, extensive libraries, and historical monuments are an evidence of their rich culture. At every other corner of a street in Europe, the architectural achievements will leave you awe-inspired. Walk into a museum and the intricately done statues, sculptures, and paintings will spellbound you. Such is the impact of Europe on every traveler.



With around 50 countries in one continent, there’s bound to be diversity in every aspect. Travel from one country to another in Europe and you will come across different customs, languages, cuisines, and lifestyle. Europe is a one-stop destination to explore a plethora of cultures.



Europe has an abundance of inexpensive lodgings. There are many hostels here that are available for travelers at very cheap rates. And that does not make them any less worthy. Besides clean rooms, you are provided with all the basic amenities. Also, this is a great place to meet people of all kind from every corner of the world.

Free events:

Europe is not a place that would burn a hole in your pockets. Many of its museums always have a free admission day when travelers can access the place free of cost. Also, be at a square in Europe and you will see street dancers catching your eye, a magician doing his tricks to leave you dumbstruck, or a violinist melodiously capturing your heart, and all of this without costing you a Euro.  



Once you land in Europe, you need not board another flight until you wish to return back to your own motherland. The best way to explore Europe is by train with interrail. One global pass of interrail and you can travel to 30 different countries in Europe. Just get on the train and you will be taken to your destination. Don’t miss the window seat, for the passing picturesque scenery is a treat to the eye.



While there are many fine dine restaurants in all European countries, it is the local food joints that are a hit amongst backpackers. You get a real taste of the local cuisine at these small joints. Try out the meat pies, bread dumplings, pork knuckle, schnitzel and roast pork to take your taste buds on a feast. What more, the offered food is always scrumptious and oh-so-affordable.

With all this and much more in store, why won’t Europe be favorite amongst backpackers? Plan a trip to Europe and you will definitely return with memories to last forever.

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