Cannabidiol – The Facts

Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is commonly known, is really changing the discussions that people are having about marijuana being used in medicinal form. The vast majority have heard of the compound called THC, this is the part of marijuana that gives users the ‘high’ feeling. Recently however the spotlight has been moved to another main ingredient in Marijuana, CBD. CBD can come usually be found online by searching for CBD Oil or CBD Paste. It is with very good reason that this compound has become the centre or attention!

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THC has often caused concern with medical professionals because of the side effects that it has on the user, CBD seems not to have this problem. If anything the medical research suggests that the medical benefits of CBD could be huge!

Here are some facts about this hotly debated compound, CBD:

Is is one of the ingredients found in cannabis

Over 60 compounds can be found in cannabis, these compounds are known as cannabinoids. The two compounds that are most prevalent are CBD and THC, this is why they are usually the best know and also the most researched. The level of CBD in cannabis largely depends on the plant that was used to grow it. Cannabis that is grown for recreational use will usually contain much more THC than CBD, but now the experts have got their hands on it they have found a way to grow cannabis with high levels of CBD but next to no THC.

It is non-psychoactive

CBD would not be the first choice of people that use cannabis for recreational purposes because it does not give the high that some users crave. The fact that it does not give users the high means that there are very few side effects, this is why CBD is coming in to the fore because medical experts much prefer to use remedies with little to no side effects.

It can reduce the effect of THC

Yes, CBD has be shown to drastically reduce the negative effect that THC can have on the user. There are quite a few studies that have shown CBD reduces the negative effects of THC, these are things such as memory loss or paranoia. It can even fight against the drowsy or sleepy feeling that THC can cause the user – this is why some cannabis strains are likely to cause the use to become more aware.