The Beautiful Spots Afghanistan Has To Offer

Afghanistan may often be portrayed as a country blighted by conflict, but it’s also a nation that has some beautiful areas. Below are examples of a few of them.

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Band-e Amir, Bamyan Province

Eye-catching in the extreme, this part of Afghanistan consists of deep blue mineral lakes that are surrounded by red cliffs. The contrast, though strange, is also visually stunning. There are six natural lakes in all in an area which is surrounded by the Hindu Kush mountains. The lakes lie in Band-e Amir National Park, which was the first national park to be created in Afghanistan. While, the wildlife that can be seen here includes wolves, foxes and Afghan snow finches.

Zebok Valley, Badakhshan Province

Very much off the beaten tourist track, but worth the visit for its unique natural beauty, the Zebok Valley is close to the Pakistan border to the south and the Tajikstan border to the north. Here, in this mountain valley, you’ll find widespread greenery, along with natural springs and streams. Helped by the high number of natural springs in the area, the Zebok Valley is able to retain its green colour throughout the year.

The Khyber Pass

Known throughout the world, the Khyber Pass has an ancient history, which dates back to when it first formed part of the Silk Road more than two thousand years ago. The pass links Afghanistan to Pakistan, and, apart from its practical use, it is surrounded by the Spin Ghar mountains. As a result, travelling in this area offers visitors some of the most spectacular views of Afghanistan. However, because the terrain of Afghanistan can be difficult to travel through it’s important that you consider doing so with the assistance of a guide.

The Wakhan Corridor, Badakhshan Province

Given the title the ‘Roof of the World’, the Pamir Mountains are some of the tallest mountains on Earth and are the most notable aspect of the Wakhan Corridor. The Pamir mountains in the north of the area and the range of Karakoram Mountains to the south make up the edges of the corridor. Though this area is free for tourists to explore it’s also a harsh environment. Consequently, if you decide to visit the Wakhan Corridor, or other remote parts of this intriguing country, Insurance In Afghanistan should be considered.

The Gardens Of Babur, Kabul

As well as the beautiful and more remote parts of Afghanistan, there are attractive areas within the country’s capital, Kabul, too. Of which, the Gardens of Babur are an outstanding example. Named after Babur, a Mughal emperor, whose brainchild this park was in the 16th Century, the gardens have experienced major renovation work in the last decade. Thousands of trees have also been planted during the course of the renovation, including wild cherry and hawthorn. While, by 2008, the gardens had become a big draw, with several hundred thousand people coming to the park that year. The Gardens of Babur have also been recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.