Baseball, History, and Nightlife: An Out-of-Towner’s Guide to Seeing the Cincinnati Reds

If you’re a big baseball fan, then you’re obviously aware that the Cincinnati Reds are one of the oldest, most successful franchises in all of Major League Baseball. If you’re feeling the urge to see the recently constructed Great American Ballpark or want to see your squad try to win a few on the road, look no further than this.

Cincinnati Reds

Accommodation and Parking

The explorer in you might want to take in a view from the highrises in downtown Cincinnati. However, exploring nearby areas can be just as satisfying, as many of these places have shuttle services or taxis to and from the game. One place to search for cheaper hotel rates and cheaper (or free) parking is right across the river in Covington, Kentucky. If you don’t want to be bothered by the crowds or find yourself missing flights frequently, check out hotels near the Cincinnati International Airport.

Taking in the Old and the Modern

Like many cities of similar size, Cincinnati has an abundance of modern architecture and skyscrapers. Coupled with the old structures in the city, Cincinnati has a distinct look all its own. For the baseball fan, be sure to check out the Cincinnati Reds Baseball Hall of Fame, where you can view all kinds of exhibits and dedications to famed players such as Pete Rose and Joe Morgan. If you’re with someone whose tastes are a bit different, simply walk along the river and take in the sights and sounds.

Before or After the Game

Because Great American Ballpark is right downtown, there are many bars and eateries surrounding the stadium where you can get in a few drinks or have some dinner. You can head to The Banks, which is an area located between the ballpark and Paul Brown Field (home of the Bengals), or you can go to local places such as the Holy Grail, the Lager House, or the Yard House. If you haven’t booked a hotel prior to the game, hotels in Cincinnati are everywhere.

At the Game

Great American Ballpark is one of the best parks in the country, primarily due to its relatively cheap beers, culinary treasures, and the firework-emitting steamboat in centerfield that pays homage to the city’s riverboating heritage. The stadium prides itself on having $1 hot dogs — the cheapest in the majors, while beers cost an average of just $7. Don’t forget to try out the world famous Skyline Chili either.

Like many other teams, the Reds have certain nights where they give away free memorabilia, such as bats, shirts, bobbleheads, and so on, so be aware of those particular nights before you plan your trip. Finally, you should cross your fingers that the Reds hit a home run so you can see the fireworks blast from the steamboat.

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