The African restaurant Culture Connect

The African restaurant Culture Connect (Contact Culturel) is a great place to visit if you would like to try exotic food and enjoy in a warm, friendly environment. A varied menu offers something for everyone, and if you just want to soak in the atmosphere and try out the excellent cocktails, you can visit the Ivorian Restaurant In Milan And Hinterland any day of the week.

The Delicious Flavours of the Senegalese Cuisine

The Senegalese cuisine is mostly influenced by the cuisines of countries such as France, Portugal, and the countries of North Africa, as well as by many different ethnic groups. This means that Senegalese food is unlike anything else you have tried before – it is an explosion of flavours and it is definitely an amazing adventure. Even though the Senegalese cuisine has long been unknown to other countries, the immigrants have now brought it to many of the world’s capitals, where it is becoming increasingly popular.
The most frequently used ingredients in Senegalese cuisine are chicken or fish, accompanied by rice and vegetables. But the main part of each dish is the spices, as they are responsible for the explosive flavours. The spices are different with each dish, and they also vary according to regions of Senegal from which the dishes originate from.
Senegalese cuisine is also famous for some of its very special drinks. Meals are traditionally accompanied by mint tea and palm wine. You should also try the toufam, a drink made with yoghurt and warm water, and Senegalese coffee, which is similar to Turkish coffee, but it also contains pepper and cardamom. The combination of the amazing flavours and the Senegalese “teranga” (hospitality) will surely be enough for a perfect meal in a friendly environment.

Enjoy Happy Hour and Try Some of Our Tasty Drinks

If you would like to spend some time soaking in the special atmosphere of this exotic African restaurant, come and visit every day from 18:00 to 20:00. That is when the happy hour is happening, and you can try out some of the most amazing aperitifs and cocktails, taste the best wine that Senegal has to offer, enjoy in great music and sample our delicious buffet.