6 Best Jobs You Can Do While Travelling

Some of us dream of travelling the world. Others just want to take some time out, and spend a year or two enjoying the sunshine, customs and lifestyle while working in a foreign country. If you are wondering what jobs can you do while travelling, the internet provides many of them. Alternatively, there are a range of jobs you can apply for in your country of choice. The following is a small selection of jobs to do while travelling, both on and off the internet.

1. English Teacher

Teaching English abroad is one of the best jobs to do while travelling. From an income point of view, it is becoming an increasingly popular option for many university graduates who want to enjoy some foreign travel. TEFL is a popular job opportunity even without any formal qualifications, especially for those visiting Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and other Asian countries. Teaching English abroad falls into two main categories. Teaching in private or public schools, and teaching in international schools. Required qualifications can vary from none, to BA and above.

2. Travel Blogger

It’s the ultimate travelling job isn’t it? Spending a couple of hours at the end of each day chronicling the day’s events. Adding a couple of photographs of your current exotic location, and living off your sales commissions as a favoured blogger. Most of us also realise it doesn’t work like that. It takes a long time to build up a following, before you begin to see some return for all the hard work. Nonetheless, if you have any type of blog and attract a decent following, it shouldn’t be that difficult to convert it to a travel blog, while retaining your much needed audience.

3. Online Copywriting

Do you have a decent grasp of the English language? There are many online platforms acting as go-betweens for those requiring content (copy), and those who write it. As a freelancer, you could be writing product descriptions, travel articles, white papers and a host of other topics. Other similar online jobs include checking the functionality of new websites, and click-working on a range of internet micro jobs.

4. Affiliate Marketing Online

If you are an established online affiliate marketer, you can continue trading wherever you are. While you may not be making enough to go full time in your home country, the cost of living in many European and Asian countries will be considerably lower, meaning your online income will go further. Make sure your site is up to the job. If you’re on shared hosting, consider upgrading. Choose VPS to provide maximum security for those times when you may have to operate from internet cafes, or free Wi-Fi in bars and coffee shops.

5. Bar Work

If you’re not sure what jobs you can do without any formal qualifications while travelling, choose somewhere like mainland Spain, the Balearics, or the Canary Islands. With a high proportion of English speaking tourists, and awash with expat owned German, Scandinavian and English bars, there are vacancies in all areas of the hospitality trade such as PRs (enticing people into the bar with special offers and drinks deals), bar persons, waiters/waitresses, and kitchen staff.

6. Real Estate Agents

In many areas of Europe, and further afield such as Thailand, many English speakers buy apartments, houses and villas, to spend the winter months in a warmer climate and letting out the property when they don’t use it. Local real estate agencies use English speaking expats to collect prospective clients from the airport, show them the properties and, if qualified, help with the legalities and closing the deal.

The world can be your oyster, but planning is the key. Whether it is making sure your online platform is protected, applying for work in your chosen destination, or ensuring you have a little rainy-day money while you seek work on your arrival. A little pre-planning will help make your dreams come true.

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