The world’s tallest building, man-made islands, seven star hotels and spinning apartments; Dubai always has a way of creating headlines. The country has actually created an entire tourism industry by tapping into people’s curiosity and since you are reading this yours isn’t spared either. Regardless of your time frame you will not run out of things to do in Dubai, that much is for sure….

beaches in dubai

Hit the Shopping malls

Unlike what most people think, shopping in Dubai is not just for the rich. You will have an intriguing shopping experience even though some shops may be out of a backpacker’s reach. Dubai malls might not be your thing if you are used to shopping in Paris, but you will definitely get a bargain here especially on electronic gadgets. Shopping doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend so window shoppers are also assured of fun galore, in fact maybe that’s a better idea – leave the credit cards at home!


Attend a champagne brunch

Although there is a liberal flow of alcohol in this Muslim state, it can only be served in a hotel. With an estimated 450 hotels rest assured the drinks won’t stop coming. If you happen to be in Dubai on a Friday then you might be lucky to experience the champagne brunch, it is basically an alcohol overindulgence event, where hotels open their doors to patrons to partake in overdrinking and overfeeding.


Check out Burj al Arab

Truth is you’d think you really can’t go higher than five stars when rating a hotel but the existence of a seven star establishment in Dubai makes you want to see it to judge for yourself. With gold undercoats, dancing fountains and fireworks to announce arrival of VVIP guests, the Burj is not subtle by any standards.it will cost you an arm and a leg to stay but no charges for just looking from the outside. It’s a marvel and no one will be surprised to catch you staring. If you need to get in but can’t afford the rooms, you can book a table for a meal at the hotel’s expensive eateries. This is also where you get your photo clicks/camera rolling.


Go wild Skiing

You are probably thinking skiing in the desert, are you nuts? Slow down fellow, the country has an impressive indoor ski resort, ski Dubai has not been deterred by the hot Dubai weather which makes the possibility skiing seem rather impractical. Don’t worry if you are a newbie because they have runs to cater for different ability levels and have real snow so your experience will be no different from skiing in Switzerland.


Enjoy the beach

Beaches are common all over the world but one as attractive as the Jumeirah beach is rare to find. It runs parallel to the jumeirah road and you can enjoy all sorts of beach activities ranging from snorkeling to scuba diving.


Now you have it these are just a few of the things that you can do in Dubai, much more will automatically unfold there.  So find Dubai Flights online with Dial A Flight and let’s get packing backpackers!

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