3 Tips for Young People Traveling With Grandparents

Baby boomers have entered their retirement years in better physical condition than their parents. Medical advances have made aging somewhat less stressful, enabling the current generation of grandparents to stay active longer. Grandchildren and grandparents can explore the world together and share the experience. Explore the following three tips to help the younger crowd be more considerate toward their grandparents during their travels together.

Look at Life Through Their Eyes

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Grandparents have a wealth of experience to share with their grandchildren. But the younger generation sometimes has a more difficult time appreciating that wealth of knowledge. Vacation time is an opportunity to get away from the pressures of life and listen as everyone explores a new place or city together. Listening to grandparents talk about their lives gives grandchildren experiences that they might not have an opportunity to create otherwise.

Give Grandparents a Break

As people age, their bodies are still capable of sustained periods of exertion, but these periods come more slowly. If grandparents want to take a break during their travels, let them. They can sit in a cafe to rest and watch the world go by while the grandkids shop or walk around to take in the sights and sounds of a new destination.

In the event you’re concerned that a medical emergency may happen with a grandparent when traveling or when arriving in an unfamiliar place, consider travel protection from membership services organizations such as Medjet. Membership in MedjetHorizon, can help travelers gain access to medical transportation arrangements, travel security, and crisis response services. Feeling secure when traveling, particularly abroad, can give all members of a family a feeling of comfort and peace of mind.

Slow Down

Time is precious to those who have gone through a few decades of life. The desire to slow down and take time to fully engage in experiences becomes more important than ever. To accommodate that approach, look into tours with a slower pace.

Here’s where you can get creative with your tour planning: explore a major river from the comfort of a boat, board a tour bus that stops only in a few locations, or visit museums and do self-guided tours to view the displays and exhibits.

Your grandparents may be interested in something they’ve always wanted to see, and now they can view what captures their attention and interest in person. Grandchildren can benefit from sharing those moments of discovery along with having something to share with their grandparents later. 

Time spent with grandparents is precious. and a vacation helps everyone get the most out of spending that time with one another. Removed from the daily stress and demands on time, everyone can take the opportunity to share experiences together. Memories that last a lifetime get created and become invaluable, especially when they take place during travel. 

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