You love to have fun, travel, take part in those extreme sports just to get that feel of that sought after adrenaline rush, I’m exactly the same, don’t worry! But if you are health conscious the first thing that should be at the tip of your finger tips is “how prepared am I for a Medical emergency”. Statistically emergencies can be so many in number that listing them one by one will be a total waste of your time oh! Sorry my time! This brings into light the question what do you do in case of a medical emergency overseas?


hospitals in chiang mai
Don’t let this happen to you (me, after I crashed my motorbike in Thailand. Ouch)

Make sure you do these 3 things after every emergency overseas:


Contact hospital

Contacting the hospital is actually the first and foremost thing you need to do in case of a medical emergency! That sounds rather obvious but it’s always not the case as a majority of us will start running up and down, worrying about costs, wasting critical time that might determine life and death. Also Hospitals are well equipped to handle emergencies with the likes of ambulances and a well trained response team that can handle any medical situation. Note that you will need to have emergency phone numbers of a hospital and since you are reading this I assume you are not in any medical emergency so do yourself a favor and get emergency phone numbers of a hospital near you, remember to do this when you enter a new country, it only takes a few seconds and it could make all the difference.


Contact the embassy

Because of the uncertainties of life you need to make contact with your countries’ embassy if you find yourself in a spot of bother. The embassy actually is the representation of your country overseas and it can then make the Government aware of it citizens health state and can organize for a better health care since all citizens have a right to proper medication and the government would not like to give you that excuse to start suing! These guys have experience dealing with issues like this, trust them.


Contact family and friends

Now the idea of your family and friends getting to know of your medical state over some third party source is worrying to say the least. It just takes a minute or so to pick up the phone and dial your family’s number be it your parents, wife or friends. If anything the most affected people apart from you will be your loved ones also getting them to know of your condition can get them to visit you at the hospital even if its thousands of miles.


Emergency Medical Assistance

Lastly, to be on the safe side in case of anything, it is always ideal to get yourself an emergency assistance product to help protect you throughout your trip. Some great emergency assistance is available, our links here travel covers you in any part of the world but remember, it’s only US citizens that can apply.  Happy travels!



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  1. I would like to suggest that No 3 should probably come before the embassy!  We parents do like to be informed, as I know from personal experience!

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