New Year’s Travel Resolutions

Hey everybody, hope you had an awesome holiday and sorry for the absence, this time of year is always crazy! With 2013 upon us the tradition of empty promises to ourselves comes also, by this I mean New Year’s resolutions. I personally, can say that I am the worst at sticking to a resolution made by the first of every year. I had become so poor at keeping to them that to stop myself from the disappointment I stopped making them. I now realize I shouldn’t have stopped, but switched my approach. I always would make long term or abstract goals. “Go to the gym more often” or “read more books” or “spend less money” are all resolutions that I have failed to keep or have no way of telling if it was accomplished (that about that last one and knowing me, I probably didn’t). So here are some strategies to help you make travel resolutions that are attainable and hopefully will make you hit the road.

Think Short Term.

A shot of the Aegean while on the beach in Athens.

Instead of starting your resolution with “this year I’ll…” try “this month I’ll…” You are more likely to stick to your goals when they’re short term. It makes you think about completing your goal in a quicker amount of time. If you plan to so something by next January you might wait eight months to even get started. Take your goal a month at a time. “I will research one place I want to visit every month.” Put them in a book and by the end of the year you’ll have a book of 12 places you want to go to with research already done. You’d already be one step ahead of the game.

A canal in downtown Amsterdam.

Start Small.

It’s hard to say “By next year, I want to have backpacked through Europe.” That is not always the most realistic or likely goal for most people. While that is an awesome resolution, it doesn’t make sense to make one out of range for yourself. Dream big but think realistically. It takes time, money, and tremendous preparation to backpack Europe. Instead of trying to conquer an entire continent, try visiting a neighboring country, state, province, so on and so fourth for a week or two. Another good plan might be, “Every three months I will take one weekend trip to a new place.” That will be four short trips this year, a great way to spend some time if you ask me.

A nice view of Barcelona from a sky tram.

Be Specific.

Its hard to stick to a goal when its vague. So don’t be vague. Take the previous two suggestions and get a concrete specific goal down on paper. “This month I will research Venezuela.” “In March I will visit ______ from the __ to the __.” This is the best way to get yourself moving. Don’t overreach your means, stay within your bounds and you should have no problem hitting your goals.

If you want, start even smaller than some of what was said earlier. Getting yourself ready for travel can be as simple as trying out new culture. By this I mean, try new foods or listen to new music that originate from different locals foreign to your own. If you’d like, start here and get some inspiration!

Have a happy and travel filled 2013.



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