Visiting the Historic City of Yerevan

As you know, we here at Aspiringbackpacker love to visit places and do things that aren’t on the main agenda for most travelers. It is off the beaten path where we like to find ourselves and have the best experiences. One city that fails to make it to a lot of traveler’s lists is Yerevan in Armenia. Yerevan is a great place to visit. The people are wonderful, it’s historic (older than the external city of Rome), it’s beautiful, and filled with entertainment. This city has the perfect blend of authentic culture and attractions to make any visitor happy.

History Museum of Armenia

It’s always good to visit museums, no matter what city you’re in. They offer a great way to learn and see the history of the place you’re visiting in a matter of hours. The History Museum of Armenia in Yerevan may be the best museum to visit in the country. It is home to over 400,000 unique pieces dating back to the 8th millennium BC. There are several departments in the museum ranging from archeology and ethnography to modern history and restoration. This is the perfect place to pick up some knowledge.

St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral


This is the largest Armenian Church in the world. The massive cathedral complex is made up of the three churches. The main church sits 1700 people and the chapels of St. King Tiridates and St. Ashkhen the Queen both sit 150 people. The belfry tower is comprised of over 30 arches crafted from stone. In fact, the entire complex is crafted from an orange colored tufa stone form the town of Ani.

Republic Square

republic square

Going to Republic Square is one thing that anyone visiting Yerevan must do. This is the hub of it all. It is filled with shops, cafes, gelato stands, and anything else that you may need to have a relaxing afternoon. There are many hotels in this area of Yerevan which is a sign of life and popularity. At night is when the square truly comes alive. There is a large fountain in the square and at night it has streams of water and lights that change in sync with music being played. The music in the square ranges from classic Armenian tunes to up beat jazz.

Verisage Market

The Verisage Market is an open air market that takes over all the foot traffic of Yerevan on the weekends. If you’re looking for a place to pick up some gifts or souvenirs then this is the place you have to visit. The market is on the walk from Republic Square to St. Gregory Cathedral. The market is alive with people and colors and sounds. Vendors take over and showcase everything from art work to carpets. Even if you aren’t looking to buy anything you will find some of the best photo opportunities at the market. It is truly a great and unique experience.

Get Lost

One of the trademark pieces of advice here at Aspiringbackpacker. This is without a doubt the best way to get a real feel for a city. Take off into the side streets and check out the neighborhoods just out of the center of town. Often this is how you will find the best food, drinks, and people. It’s always nice to escape the crowds and there is no better way to do it than ditching your guide books and setting off.




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