What Type of Backpacker Are You?

For many, backpacking is more than just a style of travel- it’s a way of life. If you’re a backpacker, you know how to travel light. You know how to crash anywhere- whether it’s a noisy hostel dorm, a beach or the random couch of someone you met that night. You catch cheap flights spontaneously and know how to get around on a budget. You’re out there in the world having adventures, and all about having the greatest experience possible! So what type of backpacker are you? Just read on to find out.

The Pro

If you’re a pro backpacker, you’re a seasoned veteran. The moment you arrive to your new hostel, you take out your dirty clothes to rinse them out and hang out your laundry line. You know what you want to see and do, and your day is packed with this itinerary. You’re out to experience everything and anything about the place you’re visiting, and to do it effectively and efficiently!

The Entertainer

You’ve been everywhere, you’ve met so many crazy people and most of your stories start with “well, there was this one time…” Chances are, you’ve always got a great tale to share in the hostel common room, because you’re the entertainer! People love to be around you because you’re the life of the party. And in the backpacking world, the party often goes all night long!

The Quiet One

Quiet backpackers generally come in two types: those who really want to be left alone, and those who are a bit shy and aren’t quite sure how to meet strangers on the go. If you’re a quiet backpacker, you might find yourself putting down your bags and immediately tracking down the Wi-Fi password so you can go online or connect with friends from home. You’ve always got a book and your journal, and love to experience the traveling world from the sidelines, using your awesome powers of observation.

The Wannabe

You know that backpacking has a certain allure to it, and maybe you aspire to be a backpacker. You’d love to go home and tell your friends about all the adventures you had, weird situations you got in and crazy awesome people you met. But the fact is, you’ve never stayed in a hostel and the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you traveling was the power going out at your hotel. So as you’re struggling to drag your massive luggage up the hostel stairs, keep in mind that you might be a wannabe backpacker!

The Graduate

You’ve just graduated high school or college and aren’t quite sure what to do with your life.. or you’re not quite ready to join the “real world” just yet! You’ve heard that backpacking is a life-enhancing experience, so you decide to hit the road. Maybe the bars and nightlife hold more interest for you than the historical sights, and meeting friends of the opposite sex is especially exciting. The graduate is always ready to party and have a good time, and if you’re this type of backpacker, keep in mind that starting early means your seasoned years are well ahead of you!