Travelling Europe By Train

I absolutely love to travel Europe by train. It certainly is one of the most beautiful places to visit on the planet and the variety of destinations you can see in a short period of time really makes for an exciting experience.

I wanted to talk a little bit more about why I absolutely love to travel by train in Europe and why I will be doing it on my next trip there!

What I love about trains in Europe

The variety

One of the greatest parts about train travel in Europe is definitely the fact that cities are very close to one another and this makes it ideal for train travel. Jump on the train and you can be in a different and exciting city. For example, you could take the train from Barcelona to Valencia and it would only take you 3 hours in total. Naturally, these are two very cities and it is like this in more or less every part of Europe. You can wait a few hours and you are somewhere new and even more exciting than the last place you were in! There are so many exciting destinations to explore, but I will get to that a little bit later.


Another great thing about trains in Europe is how well organised they are. Trains come on time and the Europeans have really figured out how to coordinate their trains, especially from many different providers in a number of different countries. For example, you can buy tickets that include various trains in other countries, so you don’t need to fuss about with buying several different tickets. You simply buy one and you are on your way! There also tends to be a lot of information around if you need it in the train stations or the websites of the train providers.

Travel in style

As well as that, they always tend to be clean and comfortable, which is pretty much the opposite of many other places that I have been to on my travels. You can even buy food and drinks on the trains and that is definitely a plus. It is so surprising how much of a difference this actually makes to your trip. Instead of being worn out from being on a train, you feel great and you are ready to explore our next destination.

Great trips to take

Train trips in Europe could literally lead you anywhere, but what if you don’t have all the time in the world to explore? There are some absolutely great trips that you can do my train and here are just a few of my favourites (there are countless more!).


I already mentioned taking the train from Valencia to Barcelona is a great trip to take, but there is so much more than just this one train trip. Spain really is one of the most perfect places that you could explore by train, especially with its variety. You can visit the bustling Barcelona and experience great food, the beach and some amazing nightlife. Madrid is also a beautiful historic and cultural centre of the country (as well as the capital). Aside from that you can relax in the very warm south in places like Malaga and the Costa Brava.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is one of my most favourite train routes to follow, particularly starting in the grungy cool Prague and enjoying a picturesque city with some great nightlife. From there you can head to one of the most beautiful and elegant cities on the Planet in Vienna. Here you can enjoy some amazing food (think Wiener Schnitzel),


Germany is another great country to explore by train, because it has perhaps the best railway network and trains in all of Europe. There are also many spectacular cities to visit, each of these is extremely unique. Take Berlin, for example, here you have a city that is very alternative and not typically beautiful, but it certainly is one of the most interesting that you are likely to find anywhere in the world. Berlin is world famous for its art, music and club scene. This is the ideal place to start any trip to Germany and then the possibilities are simply limitless. Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Nuremberg should be places to put on your list too. Germany is a country of great variety and each place you visit feels as though you could be in another country entirely. There is no defined way that you should go, just go!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about train travel in Europe and I hope it has inspired you to book some tickets and explore one of the most culturally interesting and historical places in the world. Stay safe!

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