Traveling Scotland: The Ultimate Budget Destination

For the traveler looking to get the most bang for their buck, trips usually require meticulous planning to avoid last minute expenses. Sometimes, it can seem like the most expensive part of traveling is spontaneity. There are, however, certain magical places in the world that are more beautiful the less money you spend. Places with amazing natural beauty make even the most mundane low budget transportation seem like an adventure, and instead of paying for museum tickets and tours, you can just wander around for hours on end. One of these amazing places is Scotland, an amazing destination for backpackers.

Natural Beauty

Scotland has lakes, valleys, hills, mountains, waterfalls, islands, and virtually every other kind of natural feature you can imagine, and thanks to a law called the ‘free to roam’ law, you can see all of them. In Scotland, this law means that fences and borders marking private property don’t mean hikers are forbidden from walking over or around them. Obviously there are limits for safety reasons, but you can quite literally start walking in any direction and climb over anything in your way as you see the sights. For the adventurous spirit, this is the ultimate opportunity. Rolling hills and craggy mountains are all open before you, all you have to do is strap on your boots and go.

Amazing Transportation

Another perk of traveling in Scotland is the amazing bus and train links. It’s not a huge country, and can be driven across in a few hours, so you’ll have an easy time moving between Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness, and other cities and large towns. City hopper buses run between the big cities during the day or overnight, and local buses can take you all over to reach all the nooks and crannies Scotland has to offer. All the signs and timetables are in English, which makes it easier to manage travel when you’re somewhere you’re not familiar with. Trains also connect the big cities in Scotland, as well as to cities in England and Wales, so you can start and end your journey anywhere you please, especially if you’re booking budget airline tickets that might land in a more obscure airport. If you’re concerned about the riskiness of traveling, you can always purchase travel insurance to take the stress out of your journey. It’s a small upfront expense, but it can help you recover costs for delays, lost baggage, and other unexpected hiccups that might derail your trip.

Prepare for the Weather

Scotland is infamous for terrible weather, and its reputation is well-earned. Make sure to bring your ‘foulies’ to keep your feet and clothes dry, particularly if you’re planning to hike. Rain can come any time of day at any time of year, and often goes away as quickly as it came. Layer athletic gear, wool sweaters, and raincoats to stay warm and dry when you’re outside, and to be able to adjust if you’re going into a warm pub or catch a surprise patch of sunshine outdoors.

With all it has to offer, Scotland is the perfect destination for your next backpacking adventure. Whether you like hiking, golf, whiskey, or just listening to a good Scottish accent, taking a trip to Scotland is easier than you would believe, and for less than you think it might cost. Start planning today… or better yet, don’t worry about planning. Scotland welcomes adventurers of all kinds and has the resources to help them explore the country’s breathtaking beauty from the moment they arrive.

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