The Top 5 Ice Experiences I Want To Try Around The World

Berghaus have scoured the globe to seek out their favourite cool things to do in cold places – and each week, will be revealing another of their top 5 ‘Ice Cold Adventures’ right here:

As part of the campaign they are asking people to share pictures/videos of cold places they have been or would like to go and we welcome you to submit an entry. The winner will receive a £250 Berghaus voucher.

Snow and ice is an extremely fascinating thing, the reason for this is the amount of entertainment that it can provide, there is also a certain level of care and respect that we must have for these things as they can be dangerous if you are not careful. Here are some experiences that I wanna try:


Glacier tour in Patagonia

This is one of the most important tourist attractions in all of Argentina and for good reason. Glaciers are slowly moving masses of ice that can vary in size. The glaciers in Patagonia are absolutely breathtaking, although they can be quite dangerous with hidden crevasses

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The Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps are well known as one of the premier skiing destinations in the world, with stunning views, good temperatures and even better snow quality for whatever type of holiday it is that you want, whether that is skiing or relaxing. The Swiss Alps are also known to be extremely scenic in the summer months too due to their mild to warm climate.

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Antarctica is the most pristine and untouched continent in the world due to its isolation from the rest of the world. It has countless ice and snow formations and you can explore the serene views of the Southern Ocean and the various ice shelves from passenger ships. Antarctica is also interestingly considered the driest desert in the world due to its lack of rainfall.

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The northern lights

The northern lights or Aurora Borealis, as it is scientifically known, is a natural phenomenon of colourful lights in the sky that can be seen in the most northern or southern parts of the world, typically Arctic or Antarctic regions. These lights are made up of charged particles in the air, such as protons and electrons, and form vibrant colours such as greens, blues and purples.

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Ice caves

Ice caves are natural caves, commonly lava tubes or limestone caves  that contain constant ice year round. These differ from glacier caves, which are formed within ice. There are ice caves in various locations in the world, for those that love caving these are the perfect and have amazing formations throughout. There are many examples of this throughout the world, with world famous caves such as Dobsinska ice cave in Slovakia.

Berghaus have a competition seeking out people to share pictures or videos of cold places they have been or would like to go to and the winner will receive a £250 Berghaus voucher to help them on their next journey through the snow, ice and cold. You can find out more information about entry by clicking here.

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