Top 5 Cities to work and live in East Scotland

Choosing where to live is not easy. With such a big world and so many possibilities, it’s easy to get lost. There are many details, needs, and circumstances that shape one’s decision. One major detail being: finding a city that will accommodate, and improve one’s career. Without going too far, if you’re looking for a place to settle, east Scotland has it all. With a thriving job industry, nature all around, and a unicorn as its national animal, these are 5 cities to work and live in east Scotland.



Scotland’s capital, and second largest populated city, Edinburgh is a true gem. With so many attractions and activities, moving to Edinburgh means never being bored. Perched on hills, and with two sides to the city, it is the UK’s most visited city after London. Thanks to the 4 universities, the city is renown for its great study programs too. With the universities making-up  ⅕ of Edinburgh’s population, the city is a definite hotspot for young prospective settlers.



Ranked as Scotland’s fourth largest city, Dundee is an ever growing metropolis. Located on Scotland’s eastern coast, the city has a lot to offer. With a highly developed digital entertainment field, great art museums, and a rich heritage, Dundee has something for everybody; not by chance, the city’s phrase is “One City, Many Discoveries”. The city of Dundee is rich with culture and prospect, and also offers excellent job and career opportunities. An easy way to settle yourself is by using the numerous online resources for the best results.


Located right by the striking River Tay, Perth is a special city to live in. Housing one of Scotland’s oldest museums, and known as the “Gateway to the Highlands”, Perth is also connected to the rest of Scotland through a great train, and road system. With infinite attractions to visit, and an unparalleled starting point to visit Scotland’s Highlands, the city especially welcomes the outdoor lovers. Home to parks that offer activities like mountain climbing or camping, Perth is perfect for the outdoorsy settlers too.


A smaller city in comparison to the rest of Scotland, Inverness is known as being the capital of the Highlands. The city’s name stands for “ Mouth of the River Ness”, and in fact, is greatly visited by those looking for the Loch Ness monster. However, Inverness also has a remarkable castle open to visit, and its cultural scene is always busy with shows and musical performances. With a career opportunities in fields like design, or health science, Inverness is a great city for those looking to live with the best comfort.


Nestled around an old fortress and a medieval town, Stirling is a great city to settle in. Scotland’s heritage capital, Stirling is an important cultural scene in Scotland. With many attractions and hobbies to pursue, the city is organized and fit for everybody. With the unbelievable castle decorating the city even more, life in Stirling is characterized by the city’s continuous, and upcoming growth. Not only are the career prospects positive, but thanks to the great advantages that Scotland offers its locals, and newcomers, every city is a safe bet.


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