Top 16 Certification Portals for IT

IT certification vendors usually set up online portals through which they administer the certifications. It is on these portals that people can find information on the types of certifications offered by the various vendors. It is also on these portals that people can find information on what opportunities would be open to them, once they attain the certifications. It is still on the said portals that people can find the curricula and other training materials for the respective certification.

We will be looking at the top 16 certification portals for IT – and those include:


This is the portal for Linux certifications. From the basic certifications which show that one is competent to operate Linux-based computers, to the advanced ones which show that one is capable of Linux systems administration, this is the portal to go to.


The Microsoft website also serves as the portal for Microsoft certifications. These range from basic computer operation certifications to system engineer certifications.


The Adobe website has a section that serves as the portal for its (Adobe’s) various certifications. On this portal, one can register for, study for and eventually do the exams for the various Adobe certifications.

This is a portal where unlimited practice tests can be accessed for a very small fee. Statistics show that people who first tackle these practice tests before submitting themselves for the real certification exams tend to pass very well.


The Oracle website is home to the Oracle certifications portal. This is a portal where you can undertake certification exams that ultimately make you a qualified person to set up and run Oracle databases.


The VMware certifications portal is one of the best, in terms of its design. The certifications you can get on this portal can help you find your footing in the lucrative virtualization specialty.


The Novell website houses a certifications portal where people who want to attain Novell certifications can find all the necessary resources ‘under one roof’. So, within this portal, you can read the manuals you need for certification, and once you are through, you can proceed to take the exams.


The Network Appliances certification portal offers certifications to people who are interested in becoming Network Appliance maintenance experts. This is one of the portals which are popular with people who want to gain competitive advantage in the labor market by getting the ‘rarer’ certifications.


The Zend certification portal serves people who want to document (by way of certifying) their skills in mobile and web app development. This portal is specifically for aspiring PHP developers.

The Actual Tests portal gives you the chance to interact with various certification exams in perfectly simulated (computer-based) environments, so that you can know beforehand how to successfully tackle them. For every given certification, Actual Tests gives you as many real questions as possible (or as many as you need), so that you become conversant with the thinking and expectations of the examiners.


This is the first IT certifications portal that most people go to, when looking for basic and mid-level certifications. CompTIA also offers advanced certifications and in most places, it is hard to be taken seriously as an IT professional unless you have at least one of CompTIA’s certifications.

The Brain Dumps portal is well stocked with real tests for various certifications, to give you the practice you need for almost guaranteed success. This is important, because experience has shown most of us that reading for a certification is not enough – one also needs a lot of practice, ideally using real exam questions.


This is the portal you need to go to if you want to know what it takes to acquire the various certifications associated with Checkpoint technologies. It is also the portal that you need to regularly go to, when preparing for the IT security-related Checkpoint Technologies certifications – because it hosts the materials you need to study.

Test-King is one of the best known portals for IT certifications preparation, thanks to the abundance of preparation resources in it. Through Test King, you get to know what sorts of questions the examiners for various certifications typically pose, and what the expected approaches to the various questions are.

Motorola Solutions

The Motorola website’s certification portal is the place where you can research about, register for and eventually tackle the exams for the respective Motorola certifications. This is also the portal where you can undertake study in preparation for the typically tough Motorola certification exams.

C++ Institute

The C++ institute’s website serves as a portal for aspiring object-oriented programmers who want to attain C++ and C certifications. This portal gives you more than the opportunity to register for C and C++ programming certifications: it also gives you lots of training resources.