Tips on Traveling the World in a Tent

Camping is an outdoor experience that is fun and inviting for people of all ages. Traveling the world in a tent experiences, provide an unmatched adventure and camping memories that can last a lifetime. Whether you are a first timer or a camping enthusiast, many countries around the world offer unique camping experiences for the entire family. We’re bringing you tips on traveling the world in a tent like a pro.


Buying a tent

You can’t travel the world in a tent without a high-quality tent, right? It is one of the most important items you will take with you. The tent will be your home while you are camping, so you want to make sure that it is as comfortable as possible. The best way to ensure this is to go to camping stores and compare lots of different tents, looking into the ratings and consider the most important things before buying one. Make sure that she seams are not only sewn, but also taped with a waterproof material to keep the rain out. Also, check that the material of the tent itself is rainproof too, that is roomy, lightweight, and has easy-to-open zippers.


Choosing the right sleeping bag

You want a good ultralight sleeping bag that will keep you warm if the temperature suddenly drops. Remember that it is better to be too warm than too cold. You can always unzip sleeping bags if you get too warm, but there is nothing you can do if you get too cold. You may want to consider bringing a sleeping pad along as well. It provides insulation from the ground and keeps you from sleeping with rocks and roots digging into your back.


First Aid Kit

While most camping trips end without anyone getting injured, camping can be a hazardous activity. When you are out in the wilds, you could get bitten by a snake, twist your ankle, cut yourself or give yourself any number of other injuries. It is best to be prepared for every potentiality by having a good first aid kit at your disposal. Make sure that it is packed with plenty of bandages, pain relievers and skin-soothing salves. If you will be going camping in an area that is known for venomous snakes, then be sure to pack a supply of anti-venom as well.



The woods can be very disorienting. Everything starts to look the same when you get into the back country. Make sure that you have checked out camping stores for a good navigation device, to avoid getting lost on your next camping trip. This can be something as simple as an old-fashioned compass, or it can be something as high-tech as a GPS device. Both will help you to find your way if you get lost.


A must have essential – Fire Starter

When you are out in the woods, the one thing that is more helpful than anything else is a good, roaring campfire. It could literally mean the difference between life and death in a critical situation. The fire keeps you warm, allows you to cook food and keeps away dangerous animals. You need to have a good tool to start fires with. Some people prefer waterproof matches, while others prefer a heavy-duty, windproof lighter. Both will do the job just fine. Just be sure not to forget to bring one or the other.


Make sure you have enough food

Be sure to purchase enough food and water for each meal, as well as snacks for camping. Research the place you’ll be going to so you’ll have enough money for the camping fees and if possible, reserve your spot right away. Once you have gone through your whole checklist and took care of any responsibilities that need to be met while away, then you’re good to go.



The camping experience is much more than just sleeping under the stars and hanging out by the lake. There’s so much to do and adventures waiting to be explored. You can take a hike in the woods and surround yourself with just the sights and sounds of nature. Spend a day fishing and the night cooking your catch of the day. Kids absolutely love the campfire for many reasons, including making s’mores, telling ghost stories and staying up past their bedtime to watch the magical glow of the flames. Other activities include reading a good book and taking a boat out on the lake. Also, Since you are already sleeping under the stars, this is a fantastic opportunity for stargazing. We also recommend packing the best telescope for travel on the market so you can observe more in any location on the globe


Be Responsible and Courteous

Just remember that you’ll probably share a campsite area with fellow campers who are, just like you, trying to have a great time as well. Avoid doing things that would bother you in the first place, such as being too loud or playing loud music and you can expect the same courtesy in return.

Moreover, make sure you clean the campsite after yourself. Have a couple of garbage bags close so that it’s easy for you to throw away garbage in instead of just stacking trash around your tent. At the end of the day, or after packing, take the trash to a dumpster to make sure it’s going to be properly disposed after you leave the site.

Also, make sure you entirely put out the fire before you leave. After all, even if it’s a couple of small (almost unnoticeable) coals in the fire pit it can also lead to fire afterwards. Make sure that everything is completely put out before you throw it in a trash can.


Camping is fun because it is a break from the mundane routines. Camping usually includes dirt and mud, skipping some personal hygiene, eating some unhealthy snacks and smelling the smoke of a campfire. Even though the nights may be too hot or cold, the first thing on the minds of everyone on the ride home after traveling and sleeping in a tent instead of hotel room is wondering when they can do it all again.

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