Tips For Travel To Uzbekistan

I have been fortuante enough to visit Uzbekistan on more than one occasion now. I find myself falling deeper in love with the country each time I go there.



After being on the road and travelling around the world so much there are very few places that I have time or a real desire to see time and time again, this is because I am trying to complete my goal of seeing every country in the world.

No matter how hard I try to continue on my journey, this central Asian country keeps pulling me back in and it really isn’t difficult to work out why.

The first thing I would always recommend to to use a reputable Uzbekistan travel agency, I know I like to make my travel up as I go along and have some wild experiences on the road. But, if you’re booked a decent company the you can sit back relax and let someone else plan the trip of a life time for you.

I have been there 3 times now and I can assure you that number will certainly increase in years to come. SO what makes this country so special to me I hear you say. Well let me break it down in to 3 very simple factors:

  1. The People – it’s impossible to enjoy any holiday destination if the local people are not warm and friendly. In Uzbekistan you will have no such problem. The local people make you feel welcome from the second you arrive and a re super helpful – which makes are ally nice change from the rat race back home.
  2. The Food – if you’ve been sticking to a straight diet back at home then leave it at the door as you head to the airport. It would be an absolute crime to travel all the way to this unique country and not eat until you drop. I promise you that if you don’t you’ll be regretting it the whole way home!
  3. For me, the cost was a major factor. Once you land you will be able to find accommodation to suit all budgets, so whether you’re in a hostel or a 5 star hotel there certainly is something for everyone!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to do your research and book that holiday of a life time today!