How Technology Has Revolutionized Your Holidays

In the information era, a lot of things have changed remarkably when it comes to travelling and holidays. First of all, it’s never been easier to research and get to dreamy locations. Plus, with the advent of smartphones, we can carry our personal world in our pockets. Smartphones and tablets now have a great number of applications and features that can come in handy while you are abroad.

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Here’s how technology has revolutionized your holidays:


Access To Travel Websites

Preparing for your holiday doesn’t need be daunting. There are some travel websites that have done most of the work for you: TripAdvisor is one of them. Here you can find plenty of reviews on hotels, flights and restaurants from people that have been to a particular destination. They even provide you with general articles like: “Top 10 beaches of the world”. You can also have a look at comparison websites like Skyscanner which allow you to research the prices of flights.

Easy Mapping

Maps are a thing of the past and so is getting lost. Technology has brought about tools which can provide you with a comprehensive directional guide to your destination. Almost all smartphones come with GPS or Google Maps. Mapping software can be installed to let you know where you are at all times. So even if you’re going to a place where you’ve never been before, don’t worry, the chances of getting stranded are slim.

Constant Communication

With Facebook and all the other social media sites, keeping in touch with your mum or your pals while you are away has never been easier. Fancy uploading a picture from a beautiful island or posting your latest update to make everybody jealous? You just need Wi-Fi and you are good to go. Having a smartphone has definitely shaped the way we interact with each other. It is therefore possible to interact with people any time you wish and from any place globally. If you’re subscribed to travel newsletters, have a look at them regularly to find out the latest offers.

Useful apps

If you are in a foreign country and you are not familiar with the currency, you should consider downloading a currency exchange app. What about a weather app? This way you won’t book a tour for the next day and have to cancel it due to rain.

Fun On The Go

Nowadays it’s possible to enjoy every bit of your holiday: no need to be bored waiting for the plane or on a long train journey. With a smartphone, you can easily access online gaming sites. Specific applications have been created to enable punters to play anywhere and anytime. In addition, you can go on the internet and find the best and latest music or download free games like Candy Crush or Angry Birds. That’s not to mention mobile gambling, like at the mobile casino Euro Palace. What about reading a book or watching movies on the go? Not knowing what to do while travelling is a thing of the past. Enjoy.


Travelling’s not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. To experience the wonders of the world in all their beautiful glory makes every day worth waking up. There is so much to discover, so much to see, great food to indulge in, people to meet, cultures to engage with and epic adventures waiting around every corner. My name is Gareth and this is me in a nutshell.