Sydney Harbour Bridge – The best place for New Year’s Eve

Sydney has one of the world’s best New Year’s Eve firework displays, with the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge as a background for this amazing event.


Once the fireworks start, the bridge fires up and the light creates different effects which dance around the sky like Tinkerbell on speed! Each year, fireworks display are carefully planned months ahead of New Year’s Eve. This event allures 300,000 international tourists each year, who sort out their flights literally a year in advance!


The show lasts around twelve minutes and it’s worth both your time and effort to start the year with a spectacular view of the Bridge, with the Opera house as the backdrop. For years I used to say NYE was overrated, then I came here and it all turned around.


If you can’t make it to Sydney at this time of the year, you can also join 600 million viewers on TV watching this extravaganza, live from across the globe. The North Shore destination of Kirriblli is one of the best places to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge at night. You can view the lit buildings and structures of the Central Business District and the Sydney Opera House with its illuminated accents. This jaw-dropping event costs millions of dollars and each year is one of the biggest, of not the biggest, fireworks display across the globe, captivating attention from the crowd and the watching word. Professional photographers get the best seats and location for this event as they can take hundred of photos in minutes but they literally queue for days for their spots!


Sydney has been voted as one of the best destination for New Year’s Eve year in/year out. Aside from the hustle and bustle of the main firework show, the ‘Harbor of Lights’ is another attraction of the evening associated with cruises decorated with colorful fairy lights sailing through the center of the Harbor all throughout the night, while enjoying a sumptuous meal in the mid sea without worrying about other spectators (backpacker budgets beware!). This is also a good option to get the best out of the firework show from the Harbor. Camping sites are also available for spectators who wants to see the firework show and the park with their kids, so they can play and have fun with friends while waiting for the show.


Sydney has topped the list of having the best New Year’s Eve fireworks display over the cities of New York, Edinburgh, Paris, and London for decades now so don’t miss out. People from around the world visit this one year celebration event to witness the magical start of a New Year with a huge bang of amusement not to mention the banging afterparties in Sydney. New Year’s Eve parties are huge in Sydney as pubs and clubs gets crowded with people partying and drinking all night with its loud music, just be prepared to spend some serious cash.


It’s never too late to go, experience and have a blast with family and friends and witness the best view of the night sky with flashing colorful lights for the best twelve minutes start to the year you can imagine! Happy travels!

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