Should You Start a Travel Blog?

Hitting the road, backpack strapped on, no real plans for a few months – it’s an enviable prospect, one which people invariably look back on as one of the highlights of their youth.
My first travel blog generates enough money so I don’t have to ‘work’ anymore.

Lots of people therefore keep a diary, you don’t wanna forget the places you visited, the things you saw, the people you met. For the people who don’t keep a diary, the mindset is that it’s easy to think you’ll always remember your experiences but as someone who’s been traveling for almost 6 years, I assure you, you won’t!


I’m not here to urge you to keep a diary, not quite at least. What I suggest is not that you keep a diary, but you keep a travel blog instead, and here are the reasons why:


1)   Online Diary:

Keeping a diary is madness, you can lose it, it can be stolen, it’s finite. If you write all your thoughts online it’s stored in the cloud, never to be lost. If you want to keep it private, those options are available online too. If you’re prepared to make the effort to keep a diary, make 5% more effort and put it online.


2)   Sharable:

You can share your experiences with your loved ones. They can enjoy your travels and live vicariously through you or you can use it to piss off your old boss who still is grinding it out in his grim 9 to 5. You can’t do that with a diary!


3)   Opportunities:


By writing regularly online you’re exposing yourself, putting yourself out there. You can be offered press trips, writing gigs, free accommodation and all you have to do is grab a hosting account like hostgator and you can get started within a few minutes.


4)   Make money from your blog:

Yep, it’s possible. Blogging is my sole income now, and has been for years. If your site gets popular advertisers will want a piece of the action, and with adds going for $100s per month, per advert your travels can suddenly become a lot cheaper!


So if you’re asking yourself if you should start a travel blog, then guys the answer is a conclusive yes! Get to it! If you need help designing or building your site, just let us know. Happy travels!



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