Ski Trips Made Simple: Today’s Best Mobile Apps for Hitting the Mountains

The car has been packed, locked and loaded. You have everything you could ever need for a solid time out on top of the mountains. There are the goggles, gloves, different coats and jackets and everything else in between.

The same way you load up for the ski trip should be the same way you load up your smartphone. There are a select group of apps that will assist you in having the best ski trip of a lifetime. These are some of the must have apps for your next planned ski trip.


Preparing for the Trip

One of the first must have apps to have before you even pick a destination is called SkiResort. It has an application that allows you to access a large database with over 5,000 different ski resorts, lifts all around the world. That’s not all either.

There are trail maps, reports and ratings galore. It is a solid app to first have before going to a new place. Skiers want to mix it up and shred as much snow as they can around the white globe.

Another important must have, is a weather app from Apalon Apps for Android. If you need a detailed weather forecast, then this app has all your weather needs. It comes with a detailed forecast on the area you’ll be at and you can utilize it with just a glance.

Documenting the Trip

If you have a GoPro then the app is a must have. One of the best things about these devices is that it can let you capture the action on the go and you’ll barely even feel that it’s there. The additional app will let you review your footage if you have a newer version, or do some on the location editing or tweaking.

Along with this app you’d be foolish not to have the Track Your Runs app. This ski and snowboard tracker allows you to record your new stats such as speed, altitude, location and general movement statistics. You’ll be able to see where you’ve done your best, or worst at during the trail. It’s a great way to also share with friends and other skier buddies in the area. It has social media integration if you want to share.

Cutting Costs

Out on your trip you don’t want to worry about overspending or not enjoying your time because of monetary issues. Liftopia helps mitigate any problems you might run into by being proactive with your journey.

Using the app, you’ll be able to check out thousands of various deals through ski areas around the world. They have deals on equipment, lift tickets, and more. There is no need to leave the app to buy them either, all purchases can be on the app.

The amount of money you’ll be saving in the long run with such a simple app is worth it.  Overall, all of these apps will help you prepare and have a great time on your next ski trip.

A guest post by Mia Campbell who has worked in the travel industry for many years; working on cruise ships, in ski resorts and luxury hotels around the world. She shares her travel insights and tips with an online audience through her articles.

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