Revealed! Why travel influencers are choosing DAM software to manage their digital assets

As a digital creator, your career as a travel blogger has almost certainly stalled due to worldwide travel bans and restrictions on tourism. But it’s not just strict controls on flights that can make your budding career stumble. One of the biggest issues facing travel bloggers today is effectively managing their digital assets, as well as keeping control of their marketing network and obtaining maximum value from all those hours spent editing, posting, filming and uploading meticulously detailed content. This is where Digital Asset Management software can help. 

What is DAM software?

DAM software from provides a centralized place for managing digital assets. Digital assets include anything that brings your brand value, such as your color palette, your photos and videos, your online branding, PDFs, art creations and marketing content. DAM software creates a safe place for all these assets to be stored and protected. 

Its intuitive filter structure means that you can search through thousands of files to find the exact one you need within seconds. DAM software helps ensure brand consistency across all your social media platforms, whether you’re uploading your latest vlog to YouTube, posting to your blog or sharing content on Instagram. Uploading content has never been faster or easier.

So, how can DAM benefit travel influencers?

It’s easy to think that travel influencers simply jet across the world, take a few photographs and soak up the sun. However, those within the industry know just how demanding this role can be. With perfection and efficiency demanded at every turn, having the right technology at your side can help influencers manage their own brand and share their content from anywhere in the world.  

Share the files you need anywhere, anytime

From the sun-kissed JBR beach in Dubai to navigating the crowded streets of Kolkata, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, DAM software means you can access your digital assets safely and securely. No need for risky email attachments from questionable hotel wi-fi, just straightforward,  secure storage and uploading capabilities. Giving you more time to focus on what’s important – great content.

Organization and finding files – fast!

Thousands of selfies, video clips, soundbites, photographs and edited versions of your latest uploads – as a travel influencer you’ll be handling thousands of files every single day, and trying to find the latest version of your newest upload is both time consuming and frustrating. DAM software uses metadata management capabilities to help you find exactly what you need within seconds, all you need to do is include keywords with your uploads and you can fully tailor your DAM and file searching experience. 

Effortless brand management

As a travel influencer, your branding is essential and keeping it consistent across all your platforms isn’t as easy as it sounds. Thankfully, DAM software can help you to manage your brand effortlessly, ensuring uniformity across your social media, helping to keep your followers engaged and interactive. 

Final thoughts…

DAM software is the latest tool that no travel influencer should be without. Reach out to to book your demo. 

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