Reasons why you should fly Business

Feeling refreshed after a long haul flight is such a beautiful feeling, it is an important feeling for people that plan to have a busy day or have that important business meeting coming up a couple of hours after landing. There are two types of luxury classes to choose from when you fly long haul; business class or first class. I am here to tell you why I think you should always choose business class before first class. Yes, I think when you factor everything in, business wins hands down! It is becoming increasingly easier to enjoy the luxury in the sky because cheap business class flights are popping up all over the place. If you see a great deal for business class travel then I advise you to snap it up as soon as possible, don’t hesitate because you do not want to miss the opportunity to fly in luxury at a great price. Here are 2 great reasons why you should always choose business class over first class.

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You get nearly the same thing for less

Of course the service that you receive in the air depends largely on which airline you fly with. Generally speaking the services and amenities on offer to you are very similar to those offered in first class, the luxury is pretty much the same. The only big difference is the huge difference in price between the tickets. The airlines will usually put both sets of passengers into the same lounge before take off, both areas will have seats that recline fully. Apart from the difference in price the only other major thing I can find that is different between the two are the meals. They are definitely better in first class, but why not save the money and have some michelin star food when you arrive at your destination? I did!

Business class is more affordable for you and I

First class really is expensive, we are talking about having Jay Z or Bill Gates type of money to not notice the difference in your bank account after flying first class. We all like to travel in luxury and the most affordable way for us to do that is to travel business class, it really isn’t worth you trying to save up just to go to first. The prices on offer these days are extremely reasonable and most of us will be able to afford them. If you are travelling for work then most major companies will allow employees, depending on the length of the flight, to fly business class. It is very likely that your company will upgrade your ticket to business, and you should ask, but if you ask for first class you are likely to be laughed out of the office. Affordable luxury is something we should all take advantage of, whether we are spending our own money or the bosses!