Places To Travel This Winter

Traveling on holidays during the wintertime can be a truly magical experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Most people think of hiding away during the winter, but this is no fun at all, so why not go on an amazing holiday instead? Here are some of my tips for the best places to visit this winter.


The Austrian Alps

I really enjoy being in central Europe and being able to take advantage of what I believe to be one of the most beautiful parts of the world. There are some really great hotels in the alps as well as so many things to do. Skiing is always great and you can enjoy all kinds of amazing snow runs here. The alps are also a great place to enjoy some of Austria’s best cuisine, think of the warm hearty food of Austria combined with the beautiful crisp coldness of the alps, there really isn’t anything better that I can think of.

New York

New York is the classic winter destination and it has that wonderful allure that comes with a white Christmas. The best thing about it is of course the great combination between the amazing culture of New York and the stunning weather. Of course it is cold, but the sun is shining and the sky is usually blue. I really can’t think of a place where you can visit better museums, eat better food or just enjoy life. New York is a great winter destination as well as summer destination.


Just like New York, London is a place of great culture and it is just stunning to visit in winter. I love to dust off my big coat that I have been wanting to wear all winter and take it to London. There is so much to do in London and I love the huge number of free museums. Of course the food culture there is second to none in Europe and you can enjoy things like Caribbean food, Italian, Greek, Arabic and more or less everything that could be possible in one of the most multicultural places on earth.

The wildcard: Morocco

What I love about Morocco is the year round warmth and the incredible cultural history of this wonderful country. You can do things like camping in the middle of the desert, eat camel meat and go shopping in some of the most amazing bazaars. You can visit Morocco at any time of the year and the varied terrain makes it a very interesting country to visit, especially with deserts and mountains to enjoy.