How to Fly More for Less

Who doesn’t want to fly more for less? With airfares becoming more and ore competitive finding some really great deals is easy, but I’ve got some fantastic little tips to help you make that go deal even better!

It’s probably one of the most frequent questions I am asked by readers on of my blog, how do I always seem to be posting about the latest rock bottom airfare I just bought? Well to tell you the truth it really isn’t rocket science when you know how! I guarantee that if you follow these tips you WILL make savings next time you book your flights – you’ll also make sure that you use these tips each and every time you’re booking your flight.


Look out for special offers

You don’t always need to keep a close eye on the airline’s websites to find special offers. If you take a look at fantastic sites like you will find more than your fair share of ridiculous special travel deals. Of course it is always a very good idea to make sure that you have signed up to the airline’s mailing list, because you will be the first know about upcoming offers – just make sure that you are online when they come through because they are snapped up rapidly!

Consider a stop over

I have found that flying direct to your destination is almost always more expensive than if you choose to have a stopover on the way, you don’t have to spend days on your stopover it can just be a matter of hours. This will not save you a lot of time but it will most certainly save you money. If the difference is hundreds of dollars then it’s a no brainer you have to do it, right? I know that I always do!

Talk to someone

It’s never a bad idea to actually talk to a human being, they can often give you more information in five minutes that you can get from hours of trawling through the internet! If for example you use a travel agent you might have to pay a fee if you book but that agent might have saved you a small fortune. I know it’s not great but you don’t always need to book through them, even if you don’t book you will be much wiser about the options that are open to you.

Don’t rule out travelling at different times of the day

I know that everyone wants to leave work and head straight to the airport to get on the place but that means that the prices are more expensive and cheaper seats go quickly. Cheaper tickets can usually be found between 5am -7 am in the morning and after 8pm in the evening. If you can avoid 8am – 10am and 5pm – 7pm because these are usually seen as peak hours for business travel.