Filming Locations for the TV Series Versailles

Versailles is renowned for King Louis XIV’s expansive palace. When the King chose to move the court from The Louvre in Paris, the area was only but a village. Before the building of the Palace of Versailles, the exact spot where it stands was a hunting lodge of the King. The 2015 historical show Versailles incorporates some of the most exciting locations in France. Versailles is a scrutiny of the reign of King Louis XIV, the longest ruling leader in Europe. It follows the journey of the construction of Palace of Versailles and all the drama that came with such a political move.


Palace of Versailles

One of the filming locations is the real Palace of Versailles. The gardens and staterooms are some of the places where filming takes palace. Palace of Versailles is must-see for anyone visiting the region. It carries a mountain of history from Louis XIV to Marie Antoinette. One of the challenges that the palace presented when filming is that a lot of the intricate details were not from King Louis’ reign. When Marie Antoinette took over, she got rid of just about everything from the furniture to the decorations. The Hall of Mirrors is one place that has retained its integrity since the 17th Century; and therefore, made for an authentic location. The Marble Court is another detail that is specific to Versailles. It is large and spacious, and was used for the arrival of nobles on their carriages. Two other filming locations that offer exquisite sceneries for tourists are the Gardens and Grand Canal. The Versailles Gardens consist for rare flowers and land sculptures stretching over 800 hectares. 

The Vaux-le-Vicomte

The Vaux-le-Vicomte is one of the palaces used as an alternate location due to the inability to utilise Versailles for most scenes. It was built by Louis XIV’s Minister of Finance, Nicholas Fouquet. The palace was part of the inspiration of Palace of Versailles because the King loved it very much that he took the same architect and gardener for his palace construction. It may be smaller, but its construction on a moated platform gives a picturesque scene. The garden is one of the most notable aspects of the place. 

Château de Lésigny

Versailles was home to people of different ranks, and the BBC TV series uses the Château de Lésigny to showcase that. It is a smaller place that offers a suitable location for lower nobles’ quarters. The Lésigny Château is full of history from the days of Louis Poncher to Cochin and his wife, Leonora Dori. The Château offers a lot to learn and a quiet environment to enjoy. It is perfect for a family dinner after a long day of sightseeing. 


The Château de Maison is thirty years older than the Palace of Versailles. It is vast and pretty with magnificent ballrooms that are mostly used for dancing scenes and parties in the show. The signature white staircase gives the ballrooms opulent splendour. This château is the epitome of French baroque architecture. With the interiors providing a glimpse into various décor trends prominent during the time.

Other locations around Paris used in the filming of Versailles include the Janvry, Sceaux, and Vigny chateaus and the commune of Rambouillet.


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