Father/Son Bonding

Children are known to baffle their parents. Although you were once a child, most simply do not remember what it truly means to be a child and desire the approval of your parents. His antics don’t make sense to you, and you’re sure that you never treated your father that way. While it’s true that the generations have changed, the need for a bond between a son and his father remains the same. He needs you and you need him. It’s just that simple.

father and son play ball

Play it in the Backyard

Once he’s old enough, head out to the backyard and start throwing a ball around together. This has been the perfect father and son bonding activity for generations. Whether it’s a football or baseball doesn’t matter. What matter is that you and your son are outside, enjoying the day and making memories that will last a lifetime. It’s easy to get bogged down by life, work and responsibility. It’s easy to neglect these little things and allow technology to make memories with your son instead. But he wants more than that. He needs more than that.

Support or Coach His Team

And when you’re ready to kick it up another notch, consider getting involved in his team. You can coach it, or simply support him in every way you can. If you really want to bond, you need to support him. Two objects that are bound together must support one another to survive. By supporting his team, you’re forming an unbreakable bond. Supporting doesn’t mean pushing him too hard. It doesn’t mean living vicariously through him. It means encouraging him when his team lost. It means picking him up when he falls down. It means being there in every way you wanted your father to be there for you.

Go to Some Games Together

He’ll grow up and get responsibilities of his own. Suddenly the backyard and recreational teams aren’t appealing anymore. You feel like you’re losing him. You want to connect with him, but you don’t know how. Don’t give up. Instead of throwing in the towel, simply adapt. You’re not losing him, you’re gaining something far greater. You’re getting a chance to bond with him man to man. You may not throw the ball around in the backyard anymore, but you can take him to a professional game. Remember when you used to watch games with all your buddies? Now you get to do that with your son. Dust off your stadium seat, buy some Indianapolis Colts tickets, pack the cooler and head to a game with him.

Parenthood is about learning how to adjust through the various stages of your child’s life. As a father, you can use sports to bond with him in every stage he encounters. Begin that bond when he’s young through tossing a ball around. Strengthen that bond as he’s older by showing your support. Solidify that bond when he’s a young man by treating him as a man. Do this and you will have a bond with your son that will last a lifetime.

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  1. Can someone translate this for anyone who doesn’t like sports?

    Kidding though, that’s a great way of bonding with your kid, and applicable to many subjects I’m sure.

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