Exciting Vacation Activities  

Everybody would like some stories to tell before they hit the point at which they begin dribbling onto their armchairs whilst gazing longingly at soap opera repeats on television. Some humdingers to keep the grandchildren entertained whilst your children are out with their spouses for the evening.

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Those people who are privileged with the kind of lifestyle at home that gives them enough adventure, adrenaline surges and close encounters with the grim reaper to feel fulfilled. Usually these people will have an interesting career. Police chasing crooks through dark streets, music managers hanging back stage with the wild-hearted artists and musicians, DJs, journalists, bohemians, drifters and all manner of people on the peripheries of the ‘norm’ are probably set in this regard. The rest of us have to work the time card and take what we can at the weekends.


Except when we go on holiday. The more mundane your job the more you probably tend to push the limits abroad. A full-throttle job probably means you’re happier on a beach somewhere tropical, gently nursing a margarita cocktail and periodically cooling off by frolicking in the shallows. For those who feel compelled to seize the moment, to flip the coin, put it all on red, on the clickof a button or the knife’s edge, then an activity holiday is perfect for you.


What kind of activities could give me adventure?

Being a comprehensively democratic forum of contributors, the Internet is awash with ideas from the crazy to the downright insane. Before you consider anything too rash buy some decent travel insurance. Now the sensible advice is done with we can continue.


As you head into the abyss of the wilds in search of your adventurous tonic, Teletext Holidays have a few ideas for you to pursue. You could add to the thrill of climbing by heading up to the summit of a volcano crater, live or otherwise, in Indonesia and just about anywhere near where Southeast Asia meets the Pacific Rim.

If being on foot near billions of tons of molten rock doesn’t float your boat then there are dozens of exciting motorcycle trips that are sure to thrill. The Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam, the ancient silk road that runs 7,000 miles from Europe to eastern China and the rock ‘n’ roll highway of Route 66 in the United States of America are all legendary for the drive and what you find along the way.

You could hike your way through a South American jungle, up an ancient Mayan ruin or through a desert. Sailing your way across the Caribbean Ocean a la Johnny Depp (minus the pirate hat) as part of a sport holiday, golfing your way through Italy, performing yoga all over India, riding the world’s greatest railways, walking through the Australian outback and or to the North Pole are all available to you with relative ease of organisation. The world gets smaller by the day. These activities are all likely to get the blood pumping a little more than reading an e-book on the sand. Though booking some downtime at the end of your adventure is never a bad idea before you have to go home and face your email inbox!