Dealing with Travel Emergencies

No matter how smart or savvy a traveler you are, emergency situations can and do happen to anyone out on the road, and there’s no better way to deal than to prepare well in advance. Carrying your health insurance card and local emergency numbers at all times, storing your money in different places and leaving a copy of your itinerary with someone at home are all smart preparations to take before taking off. You may even want to think about payday loans if you’re concerned about running out of funds. But for those crazy situations that no one can plan for, here are some tips for staying savvy and safe on the road:


Robbery It’s an unfortunate but true fact that travelers must be hyper-aware of pickpocketers (or worse- potentially violent muggers) out there in the world. If you fall victim to a robbery, report your crime to the local police, even if you don’t think they’ll do anything about it- because you’ll need the police report for insurance claims. In some third-world countries, where the reliability of the local police may be seriously questioned, report the incident to your embassy or consulate- they’ll be able to lead you in the right direction.

Medical Emergencies You should always carry your insurance card from home with you at all times when traveling, and a vaccination history or any special allergies/medical needs is helpful as well, especially when traveling in third world countries. Try to summon help any way you can, and just get to any hospital or clinic ASAP. You can call your embassy or insurer later to find out if there is a recommended hospital that is up to international standards.


Lost Passport Luckily this one’s not such a big deal as your embassy can usually make a new one for you, and very quickly (at an expedited price.) A copy of the lost passport is helpful- and you’ll need a police report as well.

Financial Emergency It’s never fun to be out traveling the world and suddenly realize you’ve run flat out of money- but it happens, so you wouldn’t be the first. There are plenty of options for getting yourself squared away (for the short-term at least!) You can have someone wire you money direct deposit to your bank account, then use your ATM card to withdraw. You can speak to your bank about a credit card cash advance, or opt for a peachy loan for some advanced money. But hopefully with smart and responsible planning, you won’t have to face this situation on the road!

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