How to choose the perfect prom dress

It is a decision that every girl will have to make if they are attending their end of school prom, what dress do I wear? There are all sorts of options to choose from; short prom dresses, long prom dresses, long sleeve prom dresses or even a sexy prom dress. The options are endless, the 2014 prom season shows no sign of slowing and there are a number of fantastic options available out there we really are spoilt for choice. Once you have chosen what type of dress you would like to wear the next step is to choose the color red prom dresses and blue prom dresses are the most popular choice right now. It’s hard to disagree with the majority because flowing formal evening dresses look fantastic in those ever-fashionable colors. If you are out there looking for a dress or you know someone who is then you should direct them straight to, there they will find plenty of options to choose from. Victoria’s dress has everything from unique prom dresses to plus size prom dresses, so no matter what you taste or needs you are certain to have a wide variety of choice.

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It is a tough decision, because it is usually the first time many young people will be able to dress up and wear evening dresses. Here are some excellent tips for everyone that is having trouble choosing the right evening dress in 2014.


Do your research

Before you make any decision you should always do a little bit of research, this can be as simple as sitting down on your laptop and Google ‘long evening dresses‘ or ‘halter evening dresses‘ it all depends on what you are looking for. You will instantly be given a lot of information and also pictures so you can get an idea of what is available to you. Take note of the prices and the designs so you can make an informed decision. Remember not to rush; the photos will be circulating for years to come!


Become a designer

Ok, so I don’t mean that you should choose a career in design, but you can make some alterations and adjustments to a dress that you buy. It is quite easy to find a cheap prom dress or even cheap evening dresses that you can then make look like a million dollars. Accessorizing well will also add the wow factor to any dress that you select. So bring out the inner designer in you and make your great value dress look like it’s straight off the shelf of a boutique store. Chiffon prom dresses are always great value and you can really make them your own with some careful planning. One of the best things that people do is go out and buy a dress and then transform it (by themselves) into a magnificent beading prom dress – it’s not that difficult to do, trust me!


Understand what suits you

You need to be honest with yourself and decide what type of dress suits you and your body shape, no matter what shape of your body there is a dress out there that is perfect for you. Some people will look great in sexy evening dresses, whilst others will look fabulous in plus size evening dresses. Try as many as possible and see what makes you look like the bell of the ball. Remember that feeling comfortable and confident is the biggest thing, if you’re happy then rock that dress!


Whatever dress you end up wearing, I hope you have a fabulous night at prom! I still remember mine now, enjoy every second of it ladies.