Best Beer Countries

If there is one thing that I think all backpackers (people) love, is winding down after a long day of walking or traveling with a nice cold drink. After one drink turns into three or four, is when some of the best stories and craziest moments begin. Whether it be wine, cocktails, or beer there is plenty to go around where ever it is you travel to. My personal favorite is beer, following is the best countries to go for that nice cold one that we all so often desire.


You may not have thought that Japan would be on this list, yet here it is! The Japanese have been slowly climbing up the scale in beer production. I think it is safe to say that Japan is leading in the Asian beer market. One of the more popular brands you can probably find anywhere is Sapporo. My favorite time to have Sapporo is during a Saki Bomb. Saki bombs are when you place a shot of Saki on two chopsticks that lay across the top of your beer glass, filled with Sapporo, and bang on the table until the shot falls in. You then proceed to quickly finish your drink!


Enjoying some brews with a friend


This country may make more sense to you on this list. Australians, from what I understand, love their beer. I mean they have been producing it since 1887. There two big brand names in Australia are Foster’s and Lion Nathan. But as always ,I would encourage you to find a beer that isn’t so on the map to try. Try XXXX, or Fourex, the beer that is held highest in Queensland. With their relaxed culture, I think beer and Australia are a perfect match!



The most famous beer to come out of Ireland is Guinness. This dark heavy stout can be found anywhere in the world. Although, I usually try and go against the grain of popularity, you have to drink a glass of this while in Ireland. Its the birthplace of the iconic beer. It would be like going to NYC and not eating a hotdog or Greece and not having a souvlaki. Its important to pay homage to the classics and Guinness is just that.


Beer and Belgium are what I would call synonymous. There are at least 15 beers produced regularly in large quantities. Inbev (responsible for owning over 200 beers), alone made Belgium a monster in the beer world and with the purchase of Anheuser-Busch they have only strengthened their footing. Belgium is also home to my favorite beer (remember this in case you ever see me out and want to buy me a drink) Stella Artois. Stella makes Belgium a necessary stop for me on any global beer tour!



Oktoberfest. That is really all I need to say when it comes to beer and Germany. Not to mention, they have the largest number of breweries, around 1,300, per square footage (USA is the only country with more).

Tell me this isn’t the best beer festival ever



Historically, England is responsible for introducing beer to near every nation in the world. During the days of colonialism and the British Empire, when they weren’t disenfranchising their colonies as many super powers do, they were exchanging culture and customs. Thankfully, this included beer.


Bonus Countries: Everyone loves a bonus!

Czech Republic- largest amount of beer consumption per capita as of this year!

Mexico-only because of Dos Equis and the most interesting man in the world.

Egypt- first country to produce beer. This is where it all started folks!

In case you are at a loss of words on how to order your beer when in a foreign country check out this list


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