5 Top Road Trip Destinations For Your Family

Are you already thinking about next year’s family road trip? You are in luck! Today we highlight the top five road trip destinations that are a perfect getaway for you and your family. Road trips are a fantastic way to bond and explore what the US has to offer. Before you pack your bags and your car, consider where you will be staying. We highly recommend investing and using a timeshare, such as a Lawrence Welk Timeshare in California, for your special trips. Why? They make traveling easy! Most timeshares can be found all over the country, provide a guaranteed place to stay, and offer a wide variety of amenities that can fit your family needs and budget. It adds a sense of stability and eases you will need to enjoy your time in these amazing cities across the US.

  1. San Diego, CA

San Diego is a fantastic place to visit as a family. Conveniently located in southern California, you will experience some gorgeous weather and views. There is plenty to do for the family, whether you are into sports or shopping. Beautiful beaches, an amazing zoo, and close proximity to amusement parks will keep you and your family entertained the duration of your stay. Want to discover something new? Check out the Julian Gold Mine, a hidden historic gem of the city.

  1. Sedona, AZ

When people think of Arizona, they think of a desert wasteland. Truth be told, Sedona is a wonderful city to visit when you need a relaxing week to unwind from your usual life. The area is home, and subsequently well-known, for healing and relaxation. There are plenty of spas to love your body and pamper your soul. Want to get in touch with your spiritual self? Sedona has a wide variety of spiritual tours to nourish your mind and inspire your creativity. Just want to shop and relax? You can do that too with a wide variety of handmade goods in local shops and eateries to help you relax.

  1. Lancaster, PA

Lancaster may not be a big city like San Diego or Sedona, but it certainly doesn’t lack in culture and history. It’s a gorgeous small town in Pennsylvania and anyone can relax and enjoy all that it has to offer. Learn plenty about the Amish, one of the oldest settlements in Lancaster, and take a tour on a horse and buggy. Grab some local fare that is rich in Dutch culture or scour the area for some fine dining if you’d prefer. Shopping is naturally a part of the small town and you are sure to find some beautiful and locally made items to bring back home. If you are the outdoorsy type of family, there is plenty of hiking to be explored in the area.

  1. Whitefish, MT

Speaking of outdoorsy families, Whitefish is the town to visit when you need a breath of fresh air. This small town resides in the Rocky Mountains and located conveniently near Glacier National Park. This town is known for its hiking and skiing opportunities. In the summer, you can visit Whitefish Lake for a sandy beach or to do a little boating. It’s also a dream to learn a new skill in Whitefish as they offer lots of tours to cover fishing, rock climbing, and a variety of water sports. Don’t forget your camera for all the amazing views that this tiny town has to offer.

  1. New Haven, CT

Connecticut is a beautiful state to visit! New Haven is a bustling town nestled in the southeastern part of the state that borders the Atlantic Ocean. The town is filled to the brim with musical entertainment, theatrical shows, festivals, orchards, vineyards, historical places of interest, spas, and plenty of outdoor activities. Our best advice is to visit during the changing of the leaves, often towards the end of October (we recommend checking online or calling the Chamber of Commerce).

Make your road trip a memorable one by choosing a place that will bring you lots of adventure, joy, and relaxation. Take lots of photos because you are going to want to relive those memories time and time again. 


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