5 Tips to Survive When Backpacking With a Partner

So you decided to travel with your partner? People say this could be the make or break of a relationship and we don’t like those 50/50 odds. Therefore, we have a couple of tips below that may help this new transition to be smooth sailing for you – Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. We understand you want to share all your amazing travel experiences with the person you love, make sure you don’t end up tearing each other’s eyeballs out and have a read of our tips below on how to survive when traveling with a partner:


1.       Compromise

You’re never going to want to do everything your partner does but sometimes you need to compromise. This could come from one of you being a budget traveler (e.g. me ) and your partner liking to splurge on the road (e.g. my fiancé). We always manage to compromise on such situations and try to find a middle ground. There needs to be give and take in the relationship – this is a definite survival tip even when you’re not traveling! There will be things you want to see or do and things your partner wants to see or do, so you both need to compromise, which follows into our next tip..

2.       Communication

If you want to see something, don’t immediately assume your partner does too! Tell them, communication is key and you can never have too much chat on the go. If you’re loving something say it, if you’re annoyed say it – be open with each other! Talk with each other and discuss (not argue) things like accommodation, transport style, shopping, and food choices – so you know each other’s expectations and then make a compromise or common ground so that you are both happy on your travels together. Any relationship needs a level of communication and that 100% applies when you’re on the road.


Surviving Partner Traveling Backpacking
Make Love....


3.       Empathy

Sometimes you just need to be understanding of the situation you are in. Imagine this…Sweltering heat, 18 hour bus ride, no shower, same clothes, sweaty, hungry, and sleepy – your partner could get grumpy, but hey who wouldn’t?!? Just remember they’re not being grumpy because of you but more at the situation so be patient, show a bit of empathy and when they’ve calmed down later they’ll show you the love.


4.       Space

Space can be very important to a relationship when traveling (especially if it’s for more than a few weeks). Just think back at home, you’re not really with each other 24/7 (you have jobs, meet your friends, go shopping etc), and traveling is no different. Sometimes you need that alone time to chill out and relax. Whether that be reading a book, watching a movie, having a wander on your own. If you’re partner wants a bit of alone time, don’t get offended it’s perfectly normal and healthy.  Traveling with anyone for a long period of time is intense and sometimes that bit of space lets you relax, recollect your thoughts, and gets you ready for the next step of the adventure.


5. Trust

There always needs to be a level of trust in a relationship for it to last. Traveling is no different and you will encounter things when you travel which will require trust. One such thing is, dealing with sharing money – follow the compromise and communication tips and the sharing of money can be done relatively easily (although it may not work for everyone). Jealousy is the ugly green eyed monster – no need to get jealous on your travels, your partner is with you because they love (or like very very much) you. Don’t ruin opportunities of meeting new people because you get jealous, be open and friendly and you will meet many new cool and interesting people along the way as a couple on your amazing adventures together.


Traveling Arguing Partner Couple
.... NOT WAR


With a combination of the 5 tips above you should be plain sailing when traveling with your partner
(and also when you’re back at home too!). It’s certainly worked for me over the last year 🙂

Your travels with be amazing whether you’re on your own or with your partner – maybe it will be that much more special sharing it with your partner. I have a bit of verbal diarrhea for this quote and am sure I’ve posted about it before but I really think it sums up traveling for me personally: – ‘Happiness is only real when shared’ – Alexander Supertramp. Traveling with someone is always better but traveling with your partner and experiencing these new things together makes it that much more special.

Any other tips you think are worthy of a mention for surviving with a partner on your travels? Drop us a comment below.

Enjoy your future travels with your partner.


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  1. I have a question…what if your partner is an avid backpacker–meaning, it’s her life’s passion and she’d do it all the time if possible–and if the other person (me) is totally new to the concept, likes the outdoors and does day hikes, but doesn’t do the out-of-contact-for weeks kind of backpacking? Can it work??!

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