5 Tips For Fighting Homesickness During Long-Term Travel

Long term travel can be an exciting adventure until homesickness sets in and turns it into something else. When homesickness happens, traveling becomes less of an adventure and more of burden. Holidays and other special days can perpetuate this feeling of homesickness. However, there’s no need to go rushing home for every special day or when you’re feeling really homesick. There are effective and healthy ways to cope with missing home and loved ones. If you’re traveling and feel the symptoms of homesickness, then you should use some of the following tricks to help curtail those feelings.


Phone Home Sometimes

One of the best ways of fighting homesickness is to send a message or call your loved ones, and you should never be afraid to do this! There are smartphone apps like, WhatsApp, that make long distance calling and text messaging very inexpensive or even free. Skype calls also give you the chance to video chat and actually see the person you’re talking to, making it feel as if you’re in the same room. So, you can spend hours chatting with your parents, best friend or favorite person back home. You can also use this time to unleash some of your anxiety about being away from home, share some of your travel stories and get updates about all of the activities going on at home. Sending “hello” or update emails sometimes are also a way to keep in touch and can make you feel better about being away from home.

Keep Yourself Occupied

If you’re constantly moving, then there won’t be much time for homesickness. Pack your schedule with plenty of interesting attractions to visit and see, places to eat and physical activities to engage in. This will keep you occupied and once you return to where you’re staying, you’ll be too tired to think about not being at home. Activities like dancing, bicycling, walking and jogging are actually proven to release endorphins and make you feel happier. Besides that, enjoyable and exciting activities will reaffirm why long term travel was a good idea in the first place.

Keep Photos of Your Loved Ones

Storing photos of your loved ones on your smartphone and other devices is always a good idea. You can also take and store photos of special places in your city or special areas in your home. When you’re traveling, you can quickly bring up your photos to see your favorite person or place to be.

Traditional photographs can also be taken before you leave and kept with you while you travel. You can stick them to your walls or set them up to create a ‘homey’ atmosphere and keep your friends and family around you in some way. Funny and cute photos are always the best options, as they’re more than likely to give you a smile or burst of laughter.

Find the Joy of Eating

Food brings joy and eating keeps you occupied, so that leaves little room to think about home. If you’re traveling to foreign countries, then most likely they’ll have some interesting cuisine and interesting places to eat. You can keep yourself busy by eating delicious and maybe even exotic foods.

Additionally, food can make you feel better when you’re feeling down. If you’re feeling homesick, then order your favorite foods, comforting foods, like pastas and breads or order extra dessert. Plus, try not to eat alone. Eat with a travel companion (if you have one) or attempt to join the locals. Socializing with new people is also a good way to take your mind off of home.

Interact with Others

Don’t be afraid to interact with the locals or fellow travelers. Interacting with others can possibly help you learn more about where you are and ease your homesickness. If other travelers are feeling homesick as you are, then sharing stories and comfort might alleviate some of your sadness. Fellow travelers who feel the same way will also help with loneliness, and provide proof that you’re not the only one who misses home sometimes.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Documents International LLC, a leading apostille service for individuals and businesses.