The 5 Best Surf Spots in the World

Surfing without great waves is like attending a party that has no booze. Surfers have travelled far and wide in search of perfect waves that will take them to the edge of the world. Surfing is an experience like no other, taking on a huge wave is like conquering a force of nature. The thrill that comes out of surfing is addictive and the following spots are leads for you to discover a whole new world and a queue for you to start packing your bags go wherever the waves take you.



Located in Central America, Costa Rica is common among highly experienced surfers. Popularly known for its consistent waves through out the year and epic surf points, Costa Rica is like a drug to surfers. The Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea coastlines that surround this country produce some of the greatest waves in the world with a major swell season beginning in April and coming to an end in October. If you are an amateur surfer, you can always try out the waves however, try not to boast of you amateurish skills on any huge waves, you will be tempting fate.



The beach extends to an impressive 70 km stretch with four stunning surf points namely; Main beach, Palm Beach, Mermaid beach and The Spit. The sunny sub tropical climate, canal systems and the best waves make the beaches world-renowned surf spots among surfers. Although a bit expensive, there is still good value accommodation to be found, and the Gold Coast is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Australia, commonly known as a paradise for surfers.



Located in the South of Brazil, the Santa Catarina Island is the most famous surfing spot in the country. Great waves such as Mocambique and Santinho are some of the reasons why Brazil is one of the most favored surf spots in the world. Think of night parties along Joaquina Beach, tropical music and great consistent waves. The end is result is epic!!!



Attracting the best of surfers from the US, California is the best place to try out some of the greatest waves. Spots like Malibu, Rincon, Steamer Lane and the Half Moon Bay are very popular. Through out the year, the water is usually cold and only heating up a little in the months of summer. However, this is usually not a concern among surfers, great waves and the adrenaline rush outweigh the negatives!


Costa Brava, SPAIN

Coast Brava is one of the most underrated surf spots in the world. Located in the Northeastern most corner of Spain tucked between Barcelona and France with tons of coastline on the Mediterranean Sea, Costa Brava should not be missed. For most of the year Costa Brava has good waves for surfers of all levels. It also doesn’t hurt that this is one of the most beautiful places in the world and there are plenty of boutique hotels in Costa Brava to make your stay even that much better.

So, grab your surfboard, and come the ride the waves of your life.


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