5 Benefits of CouchSurfing

Couchsurfing is attracting thousands of new people per week, and it’s not surprise why. I’ve loved every single couch surfing host, event or guest I’ve ever come into contact with, and I’m sure you guys will too. Check out these 5 benefits of couchsurfing:

couchsurfing in asia
A great experience in Bangladesh

1)   Meeting locals:

There are few things better than meeting local people when you travel. They can tell you the best places to visit, places to skip, they can help you plan the rest of your trip and hopefully you’ll create lasting friendships.


2)   Free Accommodation

It might sound crass but let’s face it folks, free accommodation is free accommodation. In Europe, it’s $30 a night for a dorm so every night you couch surf is 30 bucks saved. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


3)   Escaping the tourist trail:

The Lonely Planet is a great tool, I’ll never dispute that but when people start treating it like a bible it creates a tourist trail where people are effectively queuing up to experience the same f*ckign thing as the guy before him, and the guy before him. There’s no authenticity in that, CouchSurfing allows you to escape the mire.


4)   Onward hookups:

Another beautiful thing about the couch surfing community is the camaraderie. If you’re a good guest, it’s normal for your host to hook you up with another couch surfing host, either in that place or a neighboroughing place, and that in turn brings even more cool experiences.


5)   Meeting people where you live:

Us travelers don’t get all the fun. Most cities have weekly couchsurfing meeting, often on Wednesday nights, we’re regular hosts and new people to the area meet-up (and drink!). So if you’re new to a city, it’s a great way to immediately make new friends, or if you’re not new to the city, it’s a great way to open up your social group.


Ok guys, if you’re traveling, start surfing! If you’re stationary, start hosting! Happy travels!



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