3 Dream Destinations for an Island Holiday


With more than 2000 islands, Greek beaches are charmingly irresistible especially if you are looking forward to a lot of off shore fun. Explore the warm waters of the Aegean Sea, cast your eyes on the vibrant cubic houses, dig your toes into the sparkly sand and watch as fishermen go on their daily activities as you hop from one island to the next. You could use a ferry or boat which will take you to your island of choice.

Crete is Greece’s main island which is historically rich and home to one of mankind’s oldest civilizations. Here you can visit the Minoan ruins, see scenic mountains, enjoy enticing beaches, rustic villages and explore caves and gorges including the famous Samaria Gorge.

Mykonos and Santorini are the most famous holiday islands in Greece; Mykonos is characterized by wind mill topped fishing villages, the Delo ruins and a party loving international crowd that throngs its spectacular beaches for fun. Santorini on the other hand is geologically blessed with picturesque landscapes and quaint villages perched on the collapsed volcanic crater. It is a popular destination for wedding venues abroad, so those looking to tie the knot will particularly enjoy a visit.



The Maldives islands form a double chain of beautiful coral islands on the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Its beaches are charming and surrounded by lush palm trees which sway beckoningly with the blowing sea breeze. They offer a tropical paradise with interesting culture and unique flora and fauna. The Islands are strategically lined up along the trading route of the Indian Ocean and hence the culture is influenced by the Asian, African and Arabic cultures. Make sure you check out the most tagged places in the Maldives before you go, visit them all because you’ll be blown away by what you find.

The warm clear waters of Maldives have high visibility and offer an opportunity to view the marine life from a distance, the beauty of the under waters is enhanced by the exceptional coral formations and the monsoon tide which sweeps along colorful species and even the manta and shark. Stay in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives and you can roll out of bed and straight into the marine world before breakfast!

Some of the islands of Maldives are uninhabited. You can look forward to spending time in your own island idle as you bathe in the endless turquoise waters and marvel at the glorious sunsets treating yourself with the best of Maldives.


Mauritius is a volcanically formed island nation off the shores of the African continent on the Indian Ocean and has lots to offer: from scenic beauty to historical wonders.

The Rodrigues Island is enchanting and mysterious. Having been formed through volcanic activity it boasts of panoramic mountains, endless hills and valleys covered in lush green vegetation. The highest point you can ascend to take in all the serene natural beauty is Point Pompey. From here you can take in all of the island’s sublime lagoon and the village downhill.

Take a walk through Port Mathurin which is ancient but well maintained with colorful stores lining up the streets, bustling market, attractive mosques. On Saturdays the port is bustling with activities as sailing ships bring in fresh produce from Mauritius for sale in the markets. The markets are a spectacle to behold; intricate handicrafts are hung up for sale and made from local natural materials. You may catch a cultural show on the Saturday market where you can buy the traditional attire and join in the dances.

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