Visiting England for the First Time? Here’s What You Should Know

England has been one fascinating place that may not be considerable in size on the world map but has made the entire world know and recognise its tremendous worth. Visiting this country at least once in a lifetime occurs on the bucket list of all those who want to travel and experience the best of this world. If you are planning to visit England soon and happen to be a first-timer, think this guide is compiled only for you. Read on to find out what important things you should keep in your mind while on your England tour.


  1. Book in advance:
    If you do not want to miss out on a particular hotel, lodging, travel service or any other experience, it would be better if you book all of these things in advance. As what the notion is, England remains crowded during summer and good things that catch the eye are hired or booked quicker than your imagination. So, if you like any hotel in London, want to lean on a particular provider of taxi in Milton Keynes or do any other thing in any part of England, prefer to book it online and make your chances of availing of the same experience you expect brighter. Besides, by having pre-bookings, you can enjoy peace of mind all the time while on your tour.
  1. Give yourself enough time for each activity you plan: While you may be tempted to pack in your tour with a lot of to-dos and to-visits, you would not be able to enjoy each and every thing the way it should be. In order to make the most of your England tour, make sure you do not end up over stressing your itinerary. The time that can go into travelling from one point in England to another can vary extremely as per the occasion, day and time. Being enthusiastic is fine as long as you are not getting too ambitious and sticking to exploring much of England in less of time.
  1. England is not all about London: While you may have touring England on your mind, you would not be able to see the whole of the true spirit of England if you choose to stay only in London. It is very easy for visitors to fall for London and refuse to go out of this global city’s confines. But the truth is England is equally about Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Cambridge, Bath, Oxford, Banbury, York and Newcastle upon Tyne to name a few. So, make sure you are devoting adequate time to each place in England.
  1. Keep yourself stuffed with sufficient Pounds: In England, you would be needing Great British Pounds which is a strong currency. If you run out of pounds, you can get them from ATMs easily, but be prepared to pay a foreign transaction fee for the same. You have another alternative, i.e., foreign exchange. The rates and services of whichever are better, go for that option. Plus, if you reckon on your debit/credit card for your stay in England, make sure you have already informed your bank regarding your travel plans. Due to fraud concerns, many banks decline transactions requested in a foreign country.

There are many more things, like how to get around, what customs to know, what rules to keep in mind, whether you can use your cell phone or not, do you need travel insurance, how Britons are, how welcoming England is, etc. that you should know apart from the aforementioned points if you are going to pay a visit to England for the first time. With all such information, there is nothing that can make your trip to England difficult.  

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