How To Travel in Europe Cheaper

Europe is probably the most expensive place in the world to travel, but it also has some of the best sights imaginable – the Leaning  Tower of Pisa, The Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, the Alps. It has great wine, beautiful people and its dripping with culture.

free breakfast in hostel
What? Free??? Alrighty then, don't mind if i do!


It’s worthing going the extra mile for, so when you’re here try to keep it cheap. Remember traveling cheaper means traveling longer and the last thing you want to have to do is cut a country because you burned too much too fast, right?! Ok, so keep mindful of these 3 tips:


1)   Couchsurf:

Couchsurfing isn’t about saving money, but it’s undeniable that it does. This

will save you up to $30 on a dorm bed in western Europe plus you can eat there, do your laundry, rejuvenate yourself for the trips ahead.


But be considerate and be smart, you’re not gonna turn up in Madrid and find a host in 5 minutes. Plan ahead, contact 3 or 4 suitable potential hosts, chat with them before you arrive, do this for every major place you think you’re gonna be, then when you arrive the ice is already broken and you’re meeting a new friend as opposed to a stranger.


2)   2 meals a day unless brekky is free:

Sorry mums and dads, this might sound like bad advice but food is expensive and standard backpacking etiquette in expensive countries is to east twice a day. A late breakfast/early lunch and a slightly earlier dinner should get you through most days.

If they breakfast is free in your hostel, snap it up. Never be too lazy to get up in time, if you’re really nursing a hangover – wake up, eat as much as you want, and head back to bed, but never skip it. Who ever said there was no such thing as a free lunch?


3)   Don’t travel too fast, too far:

It’s a common mistake for people to get to Europe and get ‘country-fever’, I’m a huge victim myself! If you only have 4 weeks sure you can see a bit of Spain, Italy, France and Germany. But cut it there, that’s only 1 week per HUGE country, it’s already not really enough! Don’t over do it. Also, if you cover large distances, the transport fares hit the roof, stay in a smaller area and you’ll save yourself a fortune. Trying to cross the continent in 2 or 3 weeks is (expensive) madness.


Ok folks, I’m currently traveling in Europe now, trying to visit every country in mainland Europe in 2012, it’s not cheap but if you’re smart it doesn’t have to break the bank. Happy travels!




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