Top 5 Reasons why you should take Children on your Hiking Trips

If you want to pass some love for hiking to your kids, then start them early. Just because you have little kids it doesn’t mean you can’t go on mountains. Climbing the highest peak, might request a bit more caring, flexibility, and additional planning when taking your kids, but getting to the summit will be even more enjoying and rewarding

Many researchers proved that walking has great mental and physical health benefits for kids, not to mention that is highly advised by doctors for weight loss, cardiovascular health and treatment of depression. It’s pretty clear why hiking can be one of the healthiest sports in which your kids can participate because it provides them a good trait of walking, rejuvenating landscapes, magnificent views and general escape from the bustle and hustle.

Kids have the most to gain from all the pros and benefits that hiking brings and offers. If you introduce hiking to your kids, you’ll push them in the right directions, figuratively and literally. This is why, in today’s post, we’re bringing you top 5 reasons why you should take children on your hiking trips.


Hiking will help your children’s creativity

Simple, natural and profound landscapes, are the perfect place to let your mind wander around freely. Most business consultants and recreation experts will tell you that their routine of removing themselves from the bustle is going on a long walk in the wilderness where all the weight falls of their shoulders. They have time to be alone with their thoughts which make them possible to think outside the box more easily.

Your kids will make their every day solving problems a piece of cake and learn how to think creatively and instantly get better grades, not to mention they’ll learn on everyday activities and new skills such as cooking. Kids love eating, and believe us when we tell you that spending their days outside will make them want to snack even more. This is a great opportunity to show them how great camping food can be. All you need is prepared ingredients and the best camping cookware which can be easily found at any camping/hiking store at an affordable price.


Hiking will keep your kids fit

Not only hiking and walking will strengthen your kids’ joints and muscles, but they’ll also maintain a healthy weight. Today, when we live with a problem of child obesity, such an activity as hiking, is very much welcomed. Even though your kids will eat big amounts of food while hiking their weight loss will be noticeable if you take them on hiking for extended periods. It’s proven that if you walk in rugged terrain all day while you carry your backpack you’ll potentially burn 4000 to 6000 calories per day, which is pretty much the same as you ran 2 marathons.

Many researchers proved that most kids will be exposed to TV and computer activities by the age of two. If you don’t take any steps in order to prevent your kids’ exposure to housing and visiting shopping centers and electronic entertainment instead of spending most of their time in farmland and forest, you might end up with game addicted kids who are overweight.

It’s our role as parents to push our kids to healthy things and help them realize that nothing material matters, that nature can be the one that will feed their body and soul and grow them into successful people one day. We are the ones that play a role in introducing outdoor playtime to our kids in very early age. Considering the fact that 90% of kids’ brain are fully grown by the time they turn five, if you start really early with introducing your youngster to hiking they will embrace the outdoors and spending time in the wilderness as something normal in their later life.

Another great thing is that, if you take your children to regular hiking trips, they’ll develop an immune response, don’t catch colds, have more energy and won’t fall ill easily like other kids who have no regular outdoor activity.


Hiking will bring the most positive thoughts and intelligent conversations

It’s not surprising that hiking and exercise, in general, relieve stress and increases the endorphins in the brain, which will result in your kids being euphoric in their state of mind. When you’re out there in the wilderness you’ll have plenty of time for talks you won’t usually have at home. You’ll find a lot about your kids’ personality and they will have a chance to get to know you more as a person than his/her mom or dad.


Hiking will help lighten your kids’ pack of life

Considering the fact that we live in the days when we spend more time at work than with family and have extra responsibilities than our grandparents had it’s easy to get bogged and lose focus on what matters in life. Hiking will help you separate and focus on priorities in your life and see what the most important responsibilities are. Same applies to your kids as well. You will be amazed how your children will be refreshed and successful in achieving their life goals.

They’ll learn that material things are not the only things that are important in life. That they can live with fewer things and pack and travel light, with only a backpack on their back and the best toddler bike helmet (we want them to hike safely, right?)


Hiking will teach your kids how to play

The play is how kids learn and there’s no better teacher than nature and real life situations. If you introduce hiking to your kids, as something fun, they will fall in love with this activity faster. Even without any smartphone or computer, your children will connect playing outside with fun, so gadgets won’t be their only source of entertainment.

Simple hiking will provide your kids grow in a natural way. National parks and forests will teach them all things science and encourage them to expand their horizons in thinking and exploring. Nature will teach them to appreciate the beauty of the country and develop a lifelong love for the outdoors and wilderness.

Raising kids is an adventure in itself, so knowing the benefits is no longer a mystery. We all want our kids to learn to think of themselves when heading out to the world and if you introduce hiking to your child as a sport it will serve them as a thinking tool and relaxation that will make them stronger both physically and mentally. It’s the sport they will never outgrow. The quicker you hit the trail with your kids the quicker they’ll love and embrace nature that surrounds them.

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