The Smartphone Goes Camping

Eighty-four percent of people state that they couldn’t survive without their smartphone for a single day, and two-thirds of the population own such a device. This means that wherever you are, odds are good that you want to check your phone. Even when you’re on vacation in the middle of nowhere, you’ll feel the urge to surf the web to keep up with the news of the day.

That’s not the only reason you’ll want to keep your phone handy, though. A growing segment of campers simultaneously get back in touch with nature while giving in to the urge to grab a 4G LTE capable smartphone like the reinvented Galaxy S6 from Samsung. The explanation is that any type of outdoors adventure, whether you’re roughing it or glamping, is better with a phone handy.

There are 1.5 million apps available for download via Google Play, and thousands of them will add a personal touch to your camping experience. Before you leave, some programs will provide suggestions about packing items that you might have forgotten or never even considered. You’ll even discover some of the best unheralded camping areas thanks to a cellphone download. Once you’ve picked the destination, mapping apps will provide directions to your campsite, no matter how remote the location is.

After you’ve arrived for your rustic vacation, you can learn how to cook the best campfire fish and s’mores, impressing your camping friends in the process. Then, you can master survival skills in the woods. At night, there’s even a selection of stargazing apps to guarantee you have the best view of the breathtaking night sky.

If you’re interested in having the best camping experience possible, carefully study the following infographic. It’ll open your eyes to new vacation ideas via your smartphone.