What Makes Santorini Such an Alluring Island for Romantics?

The pure beauty of Santorini, Greece makes it one of the most popular choices for a romantic getaway. Centuries ago, when the volcano located close to the island’s shores erupted, part of the island fell into the sea, causing its curved caldera, or steep cliff.

With stunning scenery, a selection of excellent and intimate things to do, and of course a wide range of beautiful and romantic accommodation options to choose from, it’s no surprise that this island is viewed by many as the perfect destination for a honeymoon or romantic break.

So, what exactly is it about Santorini that makes it so alluring to romantics? Let’s find out.

#1. Stunning Accommodation:

One of the best things about taking a romantic trip for two to Santorini is the vast amount of beautiful and romantic accommodation options available. Whether you and your partner want to be pampered in a five-star hotel and spa, rent your own apartment to live in during your stay, or experience the best of the best on the island with one of Santorini’s luxury villas overlooking the sea, there are plenty of options.

Smaller, intimate villas suitable for two people are available as the perfect choice for couples looking for a romantic getaway, or why not opt for larger villas that house up to fourteen guests, as a popular option for wedding parties. If you want to start exploring Santorini villa options, Blue Villas Collection offer some of the most luxurious places to stay that I’ve seen on the island which you can explore at http://www.bluevillascollection.com/santorini.

#2. Romantic Beaches:

The beaches on Santorini are both beautiful and highly unusual, making them interesting and relaxing to visit. Santorini’s beaches are clean, sandy, and have views that appear to go on forever – the perfect choice of destination to relax with your love and soak up the sun.

The Red Beach, known for its distinctive red sand, is one of the most famous and well-loved beaches on the island, surrounded by colourful cliffs and a wide cove that’s perfect for swimming in. Or, if Red Beach is getting a little too crowded for your liking, Perissa Beach is well-known for its unusual black sand, and is a very popular location for sunbathers due to the high temperatures that it reaches.

#3. Dinner for Two:

Since Santorini is one of the most romantic island destinations out there, it’s no surprise that a romantic date on the island is easy to do. Whether you’re hoping to sample fresh seafood or explore the range of other food options available, Santorini has a wide selection of delectable dishes that are sure to take the interest of you and your love during your visit.

For the most romantic of experiences, dine in style while looking over the volcano from the edge of the Caldera. Visit in the evening to get the best view of the Santorini sunset over the sea.

#4. Cave Hotels:

Along with the great selection of accommodation options mentioned earlier, cave hotels and villas are some of the most romantic choices of places to stay on Santorini. With rooms and full houses built into the caves found in the walls of the caldera, it’s not just a hugely romantic way of staying on Santorini, but also very interesting and unique, with beautiful views perfect for romancing.

#5. Romantic Activities:

Lastly, Santorini has a plethora of romantic activities to choose from when it comes to doing things together as a couple during your stay on the island.

Wine tasting is a huge hit with many visitors to this island, and there’s no need to splash out on diamonds for romance when you can buy unique jewellery made from lava rocks. Don’t forget to take a short boat ride to the outskirts of the volcano where you can enjoy a relaxing mud bath in the hot springs.

What do you find the most romantic about Santorini? Let us know in the comments.

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