How to get yourself through a long-haul flight

Whether you’re heading off somewhere exotic like Bali or the Caribbean, somewhere cultural and far-flung, such as Hong Kong or Australia, or whether you’re heading in the direction of theme-park heaven in Orlando, one thing remains – long-haul flying is a pain in the backside.

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Unfortunately, it is a necessary means to an end, so we have to figure out ways to make it easier, more bearable, and ways to be able to survive it with little effect on the first few days of our holiday.

Luckily, help is at hand. Here is how you can not only survive a long-haul flight with your stress levels intact but also maybe even enjoy it a little.

Think about your pre-airport plans

There is enough waiting around as it is with travel, so don’t add more to it than is strictly necessary. If your flight leaves early, you don’t want to be getting up at stupid o’clock to travel to the airport, so think about booking an airport hotel, maybe to go alongside airport parking too, so you have the best of both worlds. Airparks offer great bundle deals, so check out what is available at your airport. I have stayed at countless airport hotels, including several of the Glasgow Airport hotels, and have always found that my travel day was less stressful and less tiring as a result of having a relaxing night within a stone’s throw from where I needed to be. Also getting a little bit of entertainment in before your flight can help you to sleep on the plane and you can play some games in your hotel room or at the airport. With the Sloty Casino Welcome Bonus you can also enjoy some free play on some of your favourite games too.

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Think about what you’re packing hand luggage-wise

There is a certain boredom element to long-haul flying, despite the in-flight entertainment you generally get on-board. Think about how you can amuse yourself during your flight, and the other necessities that you will need to make your time more comfortable, and pack these in your hand luggage. My necessities are always mints, sweets, Paracetamol, tissues, lip balm, eye mask, pillow, blanket, earphones, Kindle, and phone with plenty of music on. I load up my Kindle with books, and make sure I have apps, games, music, films and puzzles on my phone. I also make sure I take my travel battery with me, just in case my phone starts flashing red at an annoying time! iPads and tablets are fantastic for travel, as well as Kindles, so make use of them.

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Think comfort

Long-haul flying isn’t a fashion competition, and you should be thinking about comfort instead. I always travel in something loose fitting, such as leggings, and wear shoes I can easily slip off. I also make sure I have a hoodie because flights can get chilly, a pair of comfortable bed socks, and sometimes I even take pajama bottoms and get changed into them at some point during the flight! As long as you’re comfortable, fashion at this point in time doesn’t matter.

Surviving a long-haul flight is as easy as the points above – stay calm, stay occupied, stay comfortable, and make sure you remember to drink plenty of water and juice, avoiding alcohol and caffeine as much as possible, and eat regularly.