Why You Should Buy Good Shoes

Getting a good pair of shoes is one of the best investments that you could possibly make when it comes to your everyday life and also for travel. I would highly recommend it for everybody, it doesn’t matter if it is a pair of formal, casual or even sport shoes. A high quality pair is a great idea and here are some reasons why.

mens-shoesThey last

One of the best things about good quality shoes is that they can last you for many years. One of the big mistakes people make is that they think a cheaper pair of shoes will be better for that reason alone, the reality is that they just do not last. Imagine that you paid $50 for a pair of shoes but had to replace them every single years. Compare this to a pair that cost $210 but will last for 7 years, and you will realise that you are actually be paying less ($40 per year) in the long run. A pair of House of Fraser shoes, for example, can last for many years, rather than having to replace them every single year.

The construction is better

Of course we just spoke about how better quality shoes are better, but one of the main reasons for this is that they are made in a much better way. The shoes are not simply glued together, but rather they have a more sophisticated combination of stitching and glue which allows them to be very strong and stay together for much longer.

They look better

One thing to note about about more expensive shoes is that most of the time they just look better, especially because they are made out of higher quality materials that will age better over time. This is of course a great idea if you are looking for a perfect addition to your outfit.

They can be repaired

Better quality shoes, particularly those with leather soles are easier to maintain and you can get them repaired much more easily. They are designed to actually be repaired and to last for many years to come. This is probably the reason you saw your grandfather wearing the same shoes, year in and year out. Everything has turned to a throw away culture, but shoes should never be included in this!