Best Games For Casino Newbies to Play

If you love to gamble but have never managed to indulge in the joy of doing so in a casino, it can be a bit scary when you first begin. Thankfully however some games are much simpler to get your head around than others, which make for the perfect way to get underway with your time in the casino environment. Whether you plan on actually going to a land-based casino, or prefer to try your luck online with an exciting web-based casino, it makes sense to start off with some of the more simple games under the casino roof, before branching out.

And so if you are looking at getting started with some casino fun, here are the best places to start.


Slots are a great place to get started because they are super simple to get your head around, easy to use and most importantly, a mistake won’t cost you very much cash. Slots come in the form of either one armed bandits or the new digital versions, and online they appear more like video games. Simply place your money into the slot, spin away and wait to see what you have won. The initial spin will have win lines going horizontal and diagonal, match three symbols here and you win. Many slots also have a bonus board which is usually accessed when you match 3 symbols. If you can get up on the top board, this is where you can really win some cash.


The roulette wheel is probably one of the most iconic images in the casino and it is both an exciting and simple game to understand. Basically the ball spins relentlessly around the outside of the black and red wheel, and ends up settling on a single number, you can choose to bet on the eventual number that you think will win, whether the number is red or black or even which section the number falls under on the board. Roulette also gives you the option to bet for 2 numbers or 4 numbers at the same time, or even which line where the number you think will win is situated. The odds will change based on your selection and the probability of the outcome, giving you the chance to really win big. There are lots of strategies which people employ with roulette, but to get started you should keep it nice and simple.


Blackjack is a beautifully simple game which involves you playing against the dealer, to see who can get closest to 21 with their cards, without going above it. You will be dealt 2 cards, and the accumulative value is what you will use to decide as to whether you want another card to reach 21, or whether you feel that you have a high enough number to win. The reason this game is even easier, is because the odds are simple, 2 to 1, you place $10 and win, you will win your $10 back, plus a further $10. Blackjack is one of the  most popular games in the casino, and you can have a great deal of fun playing.

Enjoy the casino, have fun and be smart.

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